Thursday, June 2, 2011

Weekly Update 6-2-2011

Well everyone, today is my P-Day because we went to the Mets game, I am out of time for e-mailing so they are kicking me out of the mission office. I will talk to you all on Monday, I love you all so much the Mets game was great the Mets beat the Pirates 9-8. We got tickets from a member so we had 24th Row seats it was fun. I love you all so much! OH and I caught a shirt, ha ha ha. That is just my luck. I wish I had more time. OH yeah I will talk to you more about it on Monday, but I am out of Jamaica I got a phone call from President Nelson and he wants me to do to Midwood, Brooklyn for my last area. I have served in all of the Haitian areas now so now my little bro can come and speak to all of the Haitian people that I've met on my mission. I look forward to going to Midwood, I know that I am going to love it there. I only have 12 weeks left, Holy cow! That is crazy, I just barely thought of that. Well I have to go I love you all.

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