Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I am so sincere about the love that I have for each of you, who have supported me and my decision to come out here on my mission. The experiences that I have encountered have truly brought a sure knowledge of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon and of His restored gospel on the Earth today. Although I knew that this was all true before I came out here, I am just so grateful to be a witness of the true power and miracles that may enter into others lives through this restored gospel. The miracles and blessings that enter into others lives are real, to the point of their entire lives turning around, yes it's truly a miracle that is given to them from the power of Heaven. The Spirit is what guides these individuals and witnesses to these precious Sons and Daughters of God the true love and power that comes through and from living, standing, walking and building their lives upon the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
This week we had so many great experiences that have brought so much joy into my life. This week I had a very special experience that has happened to me for the first time on my mission. My companion and I were trying to figure out what to do as a back-up plan for one of out appointments. I then looked at the map and there was a thought that entered into my mind to go tracting so I was looking to where we should go tracting and there was a number that i looked at and I saw it in BOLD print in my mind it was weird I cant really explain, I then told my companion that we are going to go knock on this door at this time. It was 2184 Dean St. not knowing before hand what was going to be found there it could have been nothing, but I felt that whatever it is there someone is ready to hear out message. So the next day we went to the house and knocked on the door and someone came to the door and we talked to her and she invited us into her house and she starting crying to us saying that this is what she needs in her life. It was such a special moment for us, we are now teaching her and hoping that she will be able to accept a baptismal invitation on our next visit.
This week Dominic was baptized on Thursday night, We had 3 confirmations at church. Adenike was sick and couldn't make it so we are hoping that she can be confirmed a member of the church in 2 weeks because of General Conference this coming Sunday. I am so happy for all of the people that we have been teaching and have accepted the truth. As I have been thinking of all of the crazy things that are going on around me, and when people here try to give me a hard time. I remember to look at life through an eternal perspective and none of those things really matter.
As for transfers well, the Lord needs me here in this same area still. I am going to be here for at least a total of 7 months which I was in my last area for 7 months as well. So yeah it is crazy because most people that I came out with are in their 4th area. IT is crazy. President Nelson told me that if anyone in the mission can be able to do this it would be me. It felt good hearing that from him, and I know that the Lord needs me here for at least another 6 weeks. Well I am out of time and I have to cut you all short. I love you all!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Here are some pictures from this weekend when we baptized Guiseppe and Natalie, they are a great married couple. I am so happy for them. Also pictures last Saturday from Adenike's baptism. These are some great people here.
It has been such a great spiritual week here in the "Hood" believe it or not spiritual things do happen in crazy places of this world in which we live. That just goes to show evidence that God loves all of his children here on this earth, and he desires that each of them may return to live with him again. Lately I have been having some crazy dreams about the "Ghetto-Hood" here in Brooklyn. I don't know what it is I have just been in the "hood" for a long time and Maybe it is finally getting to me. One thing that I am certain of is that I am willing to endure all things that may currently enter into my life, because I know that there is an important reason of why I am currently here. My heart has sincerely been given to the Lord at this time in my life. Now may it remain that way forever, because the blessings that I've received and the miracles that I've been a part of are truly miracles of the Lord, that of which I am eternally grateful for.
Guiseppe and Natalies baptism went well. it was such a fun experience. It was funny because when I baptized Natalie she went to cover her nose and she only covered her face but didn't actually squeeze her nostrils, and of course water went right up her nose, ha ha ha, it is an experience that I wish to never forget. She was so happy though and she was so happy for her husband. They are definitely going to experience a great blessing in their lives as they continue to remain faithful to the true and living Restored Gospel.
This coming week Dominic is going to be baptized. We are planning on baptizing him on Saturday, but we might move it to Thursday night, because he is busy with soccer. He is the man, he came to the baptism that we had this weekend and he is so ready to be baptized. He totally knows that it is true and he is anxious to be baptized. It is a blessing in my life to have gotten to know Dominic he is such a spiritual giant. I hope that him and I may be able to remain in contact throughout our lives. Who knows we will probably see him on T.V. one day being a soccer star. That is his dream and he is here in NYC pursuing that dream of his.
So this coming Sunday if everything goes according to plans we are going to have 4 confirmations during sacrament meeting. The reason why Guiseppe and Nataile weren't confirmed yesterday is because we had District Conference so yeah we didn't have church at the branch this Sunday. I am excited for this week because I am going to find out about transfers, I am not sure if I am going or staying yet, but as of right now I wouldn't mind leaving this area, I have been here for a long time, but at the same time. I would like to stay for another, because we currently have a lot of great things going on here in this area. So yeah I will let all of you know what is going to be happening with me next P-day.
There is a great tool that I have been using in my teaching that has greatly changed the spiritual effectiveness in the lessons, it helps me teach with more power of the Spirit which is essential to have in this work. The Spirit is the convincing power of which converts others, it is not me, but it is by the Spirit that I've had the type of success that I've been having here in this area. This new teaching tool is something that they have now just started using in the MTC, so all of those missionaries are going to learn how to work by the Spirit and teach according to the needs of the people that we teach. It is a "New Curriculum" that the missionaries are going to be using as they teach. It has helped so much and I love this new inspired way to teach.
Well that is really all that I have to say for this week. I love each of you so much. Thanks for all of your love and support, one more thing that I don't want to fail to mention is that there is a certain someone that I am so proud of her and she knows what I am talking about, but she is making the best decision of her life and this is the first step to having a happier life. That is all that I will mention about that. Again, I love each of you.
Elder JD Doyle

Friday, September 17, 2010

Hey everyone, it has been another great week for me here on the mission. I have had so many neat experiences that I know have humbled my heart in so many ways throughout the time that I've had to serve here. I feel that this work is hard and it requires much effort and love to carry out with this big responsibility. I do know that there is a great Spirit that enters into ones life as he/she gets lost in the service of others. Especially in helping them receive the Restored Gospel through faith in Jesus Christ and his atonement, repentance, baptism, receiving the Gift of the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end. There are no more spiritually comforting things that enter into ones life than by those things right there.
This week I was able to baptize Adenike Graham on Saturday morning. She is someone who was truly so ready to accept the message of the restored Gospel. She is so happy and knows that this is the true living church on the Earth today. I am so happy for her. I give thanks daily to the Heavens for the great success that I've been having on my mission. This coming Saturday we are going to be holding a baptismal service for Guiseppe and Natalie, Guiseppe's wife Natalie has now came to a spiritual understanding of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon and His restored Gospel and now wants to be baptized as well. We are going to try our very best to prepare a good baptismal service for them.
This week we had a good lesson with Dominic he is from Nigeria, he has been coming to church a lot lately in the past few months. He loves the church and loves being there. When we met with him the Spirit was so strong and he said that he wants to be baptized so we are going to hold his baptismal service on the 25th of this month for Dominic. He is here in the U.S. trying to make it to the professional level playing soccer. He is such a neat person with a willing heart and mind to follow the example of Jesus Christ. Him and I really seem to connect in a spiritual way. He has such a neat story in how he got here to the U.S. He is seriously such a good example to me, even though I am the missionary. He is a good example to me when it comes to not giving up on your dreams and having faith that everything is going to work out the way that it's supposed to. That is also how I feel about my mission, I wasn't sure if I was going to come here on my mission, but I was able to make it here and now I am giving it all that I've got by continually striving to be an example to the other missionaries that I am serving around, and being as diligent as I possibly can. I kinda feel like the big brother out here, because I am the same age as all of their older bros or older. It is fun like that though.
Well, that is about it for this week. I know that they have been a bit short lately but yeah I hope that all is well for you, I love all of you. I will continue to pray for each of you.
Elder JD Doyle

Sunday, September 12, 2010

This is my new "Pads" kitchen and the coffee and Tea that we took from our investigators home so that it will no longer be a temptation.
Elder Doyle

Hello everyone!!! Once again another week has passed by, time is moving way too quick. I seriously cant believe it is September already. I don't know if that is crazy for ya'll, but its definitely weird for me. This week was a wonderful week for Elder Jones and I, and I mean that being many reasons why it was such a great week.
As I mentioned last week, that we were going to invite Zoe and Adenike to be baptized. Well Zoe is preparing herself to be baptized on the 25th of September and Adenike is going to be baptized this coming Saturday, September 11th. We are both so very excited for them, we truly love them so much. We will continue to do all that we can for them and allow ourselves to be directed by the Spirit on how we can assist them in following through with their decisions to be baptized. As I am desperately seeking for the Lords help in this work, I feel that my heart is now more fully set upon the importance of the Spirit, and how critical it is to have the Spirit direct me in this sacred work. The Spirit must direct me in all things, I know that this Spirit is what we all desire to have, that it may direct our steps through out this journey through life.
This week I received a phone call from Elder Brownell and Sister Brownell one of the new senior couples and they mentioned that they found a new "Pad" for my companion and I. The mission is in the middle of transitioning to one companionship per pad. So yeah we moved this week into a way nice brand new apt, with new everything. That is a good thing for my Comp and I because we had "Bed Bugs" so yeah we were getting eaten alive when we fell asleep at night, but my companion had it so much worse than I did. He was literally getting eaten alive. it was intense he has a scar on his head from bed bugs. So yeah we threw out our old beds and we got brand new beds and mattresses. We were busy with cleaning our brand new "Pad" and moving in for 2 of the days this week, but we still had a productive week.
Now as for Guiseppe and Natalie, Guiseppe really wants to be baptized this weekend on the 11th, but he didn't make it to church yesterday so we are going to go see him tonight and try to push his baptism date back another week, because we want him to be able to remain a strong member of the church throughout his life. Natalie says that she is not quite ready for baptism, but she said that she wants her husband to be baptized because it is important to him. So we will continue to work with them and I know that Natalie should eventually come around and things should all work out. It would be great to baptize them together, but if it doesn't work out like that we will just baptize Guiseppe.
Well we have another busy week that lies ahead of us we will be working hard this week and do all that we can to continue to help these individuals to accept the true message of the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. As for now that is really all that I have to update you all on for now. Oh actually I can tell you about this crazy guy that walked in to Guiseppe's home as we were teaching him and his wife. He was a crack dealer and a devil worshiper it was kinda scary because he was saying how he kills people robs people, he kinda got in my face and I was like Whoa, hold up i am not here for problems I am here to simply help others come unto Christ. So yeah I am ok no worries their. It's alright I have got some homies here that would take care of him if anything happened to me. Ha ha ha. Well that's all for this week.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Hello everyone, yes another week has passed and another week of hard work lies ahead of me. I am so grateful and thankful to take on any challenge that presents itself in this true and sacred work. The reason why I always mention this work as sacred is because that's exactly what it is. The things that I have experienced this past year have been truly amazing, it is not the works of me or of men, but the work of the Lord. This is his work and I am his servant, bringing His true gospel message to the world. The powers of Heaven are truly with me, the Powers of Heaven bring about these many great and marvelous miracles . The Lord truly loves his children so much and I can feel that portion of love that he has for them as the Spirit of the Lord works through me, and what a blessing that is as I can honestly feel that powerful influence in my life as a missionary.
This past week my companion and I work so very diligently in striving to build a solid teaching pool so that we can have some great success in the near future, and spend more time teaching rather than finding. We finally are getting to that point after these past two weeks of finding like crazy. We now have some solid investigators that are looking to be baptized in the near future. Yesterday at Church we had 3 investigators at church for their first time. It was a blessing to see each of them there. Ones name is Adenike, she is amazing she met with the missionaries in Arizona and now is looking to join the church. Tonight we are going to invite her to be baptized, we are currently planning for September 18th for her baptismal date, but we will have to see how the Spirit directs us in the lesson.
Another is Zoe, she is the daughter of a Less Active member that we found this week as we are currently striving to work with the Less Active members in bringing them back to church and finding people to teach through them. Zoe and her Mom Gwendolyn were able to come to church and we were able to get Gwendolyn a calling in the church so that they can stay active, they both loved church so much. We are going to be meeting with them on Thursday, and we are planning on inviting her to be baptized as well.
We are still working with Guiseppi and Natalie, they are still preparing themselves to be baptized on the 11th of September. They are so awesome I absolutely love them so much. So yeah we are getting some good things going here in the area. I am afraid that I might be leaving at the end of this transfer because I would have been here in the branch for 6 months at the end of this transfer. So yeah... We'll see how it goes, because wherever I go, I am going to work hard and do all that I can to fulfill my purpose of which I am called to serve and fulfill.
Well I don't have much to say other than that for this week. SO yeah I hope that you all are doing well, I am sorry for those that have been writing me and I am behind on my letter writing. So yeah hold tight I will write back to you all, but I have no idea how long it is going to be. I love you all so much, I am thankful to have each of you in my life. It is a blessing to have known all of you!
Love, Elder "JD" Doyle