Monday, November 30, 2009

Hey everyone I am so excited every P-day. I always look forward to write a weekly update so that each of you can hear how I am doing and most importantly, you get to hear how great this work is carrying on. This past week has been fun with Thanksgiving. I sure hope that each of you were able to reflect back on the wonderful things that each of you have been blessed with and that you can be thankful for those blessings and gifts that you all have received throughout your life.
For Thanksgiving I was able to spend it with a wonderful family it is Attorney Keith Barton, which he just recently moved here from Utah. I call him Brother Barton. He is such a great man. He truly is such a humble person and has a big heart and shows a lot of love to everyone that he comes in contact with. So on Thanksgiving we went to his Penthouse suite, which had a view of Manhattan, Queens, And downtown Brooklyn. It was such a nice place. Also it was good to have some nice Utah cookin. The cookin here is quite different. It’s probably because I am living in the capital of the world NYC. Literally though NYC is the capital of the world every type of person lives here there are over 100 different languages spoken here… Anyways Bro Barton has recently been called to be a ward missionary he has given us about 8 referrals in the past week. Which I haven’t even received one referral from anyone in the ward, but he has only been a ward missionary for a week and he has given me 8. So I hope that I get to stay in this area for a few more transfers.
After Thanksgiving dinner we went back to our Apt. and we organized a way to build up the ward in which we serve. There are 400+ people in our ward, and only about 80 of them are active members. So we created a map with all of the ward members it has where they live and we are going to start visiting them as a primary source to build up the ward and get people back to church and to also use that as a primary source to find new investigators. The reason being is that here in New York there are a lot of part member families. Also as when we go and visit the members of the ward, we can ask them how their personal missionary work is going, because we as members of this church must consistently be missionaries by serving others and standing up for what you believe in. So that is another way of how we are strengthening the saints here in New York.
Earlier this week we were walking down the street going tracting, and street contacting which in the mission we call it fearlessing. As we were doing that we noticed a lady outside sweeping up all of the leaves in her front yard, so we went up and told her to let us do this for her. At first she didn’t believe us until I picked up a broom and started weeping up her leaves. She then went and grabbed a few more brooms and we cleaned up the yard pretty nice for her. She kept calling us Angels from God to come help her. After we finished up with her yard she invited us into her house, she is an author and has written a book about God and how she is still searching for the truth. She used to be Jehovah’s Witness, which by the way the Jehovah’s Witnesses are huge here in NY. She gave us a copy of her book and it was a nice book that has been published and read by New York Best Seller authors that have written some good reviews on her book. So that just shows that by always reaching out to others in love and by helping them, that is what it can take to change someone’s life. So now we have been teaching her for the past week. We have also began teaching this lady that we fearlessed on the street, she is progressing very well. She explained that prior to this point in her life she was not concerned about religion, but lately she has felt a need and has been very curios when it comes to religion. So those are 2 of our new investigators that we have been teaching.
This week I went and I talked to the bishop of the ward in which I am currently serving, I explained to him that we want to be able to work in unity with him and with the ward so that this work can carry out the most effective way as we can as missionaries. It was a good talk that I had with him and I know that he felt the spirit and I feel that it lifted his spirit in a positive way that can motivate him to carry on his roll as bishop more effectively.
This week I saw another person that I knew growing up it was Tony Segura’s dad, Harry Segura. I don’t think that is how you spell his last name, but I forgot how to spell it. He was across the track going to Manhattan and I was on the opposite side of the track going away from Manhattan and I yelled to him across the track “Harry” he was happy to see me out on my mission. He asked what my Dads phone number was, I gave it to him, but I am not sure if he called. The train pulled up quickly after I yelled out to him. It is crazy that I have seen 2 people that I know in the past 2 ½ weeks. I was amazed to see him. I feel weird when I see people that I know though, but it is always good to see people. There are so many blessings that come from the gospel. I love this work and I love all of you thanks for all of your prayers and love. Until next week, I will be praying for you all..

Love, Elder Doyle

Monday, November 23, 2009

I am so thankful that I get to send a message that all of you get to read each week. I want to thank my sister for taking her time to make a blog for me that each of you get to read. This mission is the greatest experience that anyone can desire to have to grow themselves spiritually and mentally. I have learned so much and I feel so great. I feel the Spirit witness to me everyday as I teach in peoples homes that what I am teaching them is true and it feels so good feeling Gods love for me and for these people here in New York. I know that what I am doing now is the absolute right thing that God needs and wants me to be doing. I am so thankful to be here at this point in my life sharing the gospel with other of Gods children. I love this gospel.
This past week I was talking to my companion Elder Neilsen, and we were talking about how weird it would be if we saw someone that we knew here in New York City in the midst of all these 9 million people that live here. So on Tuesday we jumped on the train after we finished up with our companionship study. I saw someone jump on the train and he was standing right by me and he had his headphones on and he looked familiar I thought it was someone that I knew from High School. In my head I was thinking there is no way there is too many people here in New York that it couldn’t possibly be who I was thinking. Then sure enough he took his headphones out of his ears and said “ I KNOW YOU! IT’S JD RIGHT?” I was like no way, it really was who I was thinking. So we started talking he is good friends with one of my old football buddies Spencer Gore. His name is Jeff, but I cant remember his last name. It was a shock to see someone that I actually knew especially that we were talking about it two days before then.
Some people here are seriously so crazy. This past week there was a guy that took gasoline and dumped it all over his girlfriend and his own kid which is her kid too and lit it on fire. He burned his little kid and girlfriend I am pretty sure that the little boy died, but the girl I am not for sure about. It was so sad to hear about that, it happened in the projects that I work at all the time. It just makes you realize that there are those kind of people in the world.
This week I was a little sick so I wasn’t able to be at my full potential as I was out talking to people on the streets. I wasn’t feeling very well on Wednesday night I had a fever and I just wanted to tough it out and continue working hard. Then on Thursday I felt a little bit better than I did the night before, but it gradually got worse. So on Thursday night I was way sick when the day was over. So I was told to stay home and rest on Friday from the mission doctor. He got me an antibiotic from the pharmacy. So now I am feeling great and ready to get back to work.
Yesterday we had a serious talk with some of our investigators. We went out with more boldness. It felt great to see where they were at and if they truly had desires to make the proper changes in there life to grow closer to our Father in Heaven. There are two key things that people need to do in order to find out if the church is true those two things are reading from the Book of Mormon and praying to know if it is true or if what we are teaching them is true. Those are two simple easy steps that all of us should do daily is read that communicate to God that we care about the wonderful blessing of the scriptures, then to pray which that is how we communicate with God and tell him our deep feelings. I know God loves us and he wants to help us, but we must always be praying so that his spirit can be with us. When people aren’t willing to do those things then sometimes you just have to let them go, and not spend as much time with them. That is when the work gets hard is when you spend a lot of your time and effort with an individual that you really care a lot about and they aren’t willing to commit themselves to reading and praying. When that happens you have nothing but to let them know of the importance of those two simple basic steps that bring so much happiness and guidance into peoples lives. I am so thankful that I can honestly testify of those two simple things of reading and praying daily and how much it will really bless anybody’s life that will sincerely do those two things. It takes desire in ones heart to grow closer to God, that desire must lead to action by simply praying and reading. You don’t have to read a lot each day. Even if you can only find 5 min to read a few verses that still shows our Father in Heaven that you care and you will be blessed because of it. I love you all I know I didn’t have much to talk about this week but sorry I was a little under the weather. I love you all. Thanks for all of the love and support that each of you have shown me!

Monday, November 16, 2009

This week was a fun week. I had a great week. First off I will start out by telling you all that we had Zone Conference this week. Zone Conference is something that you do once every transfer and the Mission President comes and talks to all of the missionaries in about 3-5 different zones in our mission. At Zone conference President Nelson told us the goals for this next year until next November. I know that the goals that he set for us were truly inspired through the power of God. The goals for us as a mission has been set to 800 baptisms by next November. Now I feel that is so possible for us to do that and I know that we can do much better. The mission last year only had about 450 baptisms last year. So it is stretching us as missionaries. I know that we can do this. This next year is going to bring me and all of us missionaries in the New York New York South Mission a year of mighty change and miracles. I am so excited to embark on this quest and to fulfill the goal that has been set at 800 baptisms. It is something that I want so bad is for us to reach that goal so that I can be able to reflect back on this next year for the rest of my life. I am going to do everything that I can in my power to push other missionaries to work hard so that we can do this. We must be obedient to hit this goal, but I also feel that we could reach far beyond the goal of 800 baptisms. There are so many people here in the area of this mission there are over 8 million people. So I know that we can find 800 people who have been prepared by the hands of God to receive this gospel and all of blessings which follow. Also at mission conference the Mission President shared one of the letters that I wrote to him, and he pulled me aside after he spoke and talked to me about it. It made me feel good for him to notice that I am truly trying my very hardest to do the best that I can. He also made all of us missionaries get flu shots, we didn’t have to pay for them. He had someone come in and give the shots to us. So I should be protected against the flu ha ha ha.
Yesterday on Sunday I was asked to speak in sacrament I was asked to give a 15 minute talk. I was a little nervous throughout the week to give the talk, but through much prayer I received much comfort. I was able to deliver my talk with the spirit and with great power that I have never felt myself speak with before. I now enjoy speaking in sacrament. I cant wait to come home and to speak to you all. After I spoke Brother Keith Barton or as you all know attorney Keith Barton “One Call That’s All.” He came up to me after I spoke and thanked me for coming on a mission and he showed me much love, he invited me to come over with all of the missionaries I live with to his house for thanksgiving. So I am going to be spending my Thanksgiving with Keith Barton and his family. It is going to be a blast. Also after I spoke many members from the ward showed that their hearts were touched by the message I shared with them. The first counselor in the ward told me that I have a gift to be able to speak like that. I really felt good after hearing all of those great remarks after speaking to the congregation.
My prayers have been answered and I am committed to be obedient with as much exactness as I can in my power. I know that the rules given in the missionary white handbook are inspired by God, given the first presidency of the church and the 12 apostles. We must do Gods work his way or else it wont get done. There are a lot of missionaries that abuse their freedom as missionaries, because it is true you really do have a lot of freedom as a missionary. I am just trying to set the example so that this great work can go forth the way that God wants it to go forth.
There is a young gal Sister Rodriguez that always makes us food every Tuesday she is amazing at cooking and she goes all out. She full on made us a Mexican buffet last week with steak chicken and all of the tortillas and everything. The food was amazing. This week she is going to making us Thai food, I am excited to see how that turns out come tomorrow. Sister Rodriguez actually was a short term missionary here because there was a sister that couldn’t come out of the MTC because she had torn her ACL the day before she left the MTC so Sister Carney didn’t have a companion so she was teamed up with 2 other sisters. So Sister Rodriguez heard about it and she said that if at all possible she would want to be set apart and do missionary work for 6 weeks. So that is how we got in contact with her. She has just recently graduated from BYU Provo. She is 25 years old and was a convert to the church at 17. She has a solid testimony and is so awesome.
Last P-Day I went to Jamaica Queens, I had a blast. Everything there is so cheap, but I didn’t buy anything. It is so different every different part you go to of New York you feel like that you are in a different country. When you go to Flushing you feel like you are in Hong Kong, When you go to Jamaica you feel like you are in gangsta city / Mexico, because they try to sale you all different types of stuff for cheap. It was fun though. I am loving this whole experience and always learning and growing so much. I would not trade this experience for anything. I love all of you and I will be home before you know it, I know that time is going to just fly by so quickly. I will always keep you all in my prayers. I hope that these little weekly updates of my mission aren’t boring to you all, but hey I am trying to make them somewhat fun. I love you all, but until next week. It is time for me to go. LOVE YA’LL

Monday, November 9, 2009

11-09-09Hey everyone…. Yep it is another P-day I cant believe it… Time goes by so fast here it is amazing how fast time really does fly. So let me give ya’ll a quick update for this past awesome week. First off Elder Froerer (my zone leader) we went on exchanges and we went tracting and I knocked a door and this very nice Philippine lady answered the door. I talked to her about what we are doing and about the Book of Mormon and that I have a true testimony that the book is true. She then invited us inside and we taught her about the restoration on of the church of Jesus Christ. She loved the message so much and the spirit was so strong inside her home when we were talking to her. We are now teaching her she is new in the teaching pool, but we think that she should be great we have a few Philippine families in the ward that will be great at fellowshipping her. She told us that she has a friend in the Philippines that has just recently converted to the Mormon religion. So that is a bonus. She is great.Now… Another person that we met this week we call him Raf. He doesn’t tell us his real first name. He is a former investigator of the church so we went and knocked his door to get to know him and see what he knew about the church. He is a younger guy with a very cool personality he seems to have a lot going for him. He tells us that he doesn’t work, but he has all of these nice things so we think that he might be like an FBI or something weird like that. So when we knocked his door he started laughing, he was on the phone he totally hung up the phone. He was so happy to see us. He was like ok let me get my stuff and lets go to the coffee shop. He really is such an intelligent man I look up to him in a lot of ways. He is so good with people and is very smart. He asked us some legit questions that he wants to know. The questions that he asked were: -What is truth based on, and can truth be wrong? Truth to him can never be wrong. -What are 3 prophecies that have come to pass within the last 2 prophets? - What are 3 changes in the book of Mormon that aren’t grammatical or punctuation changes? - Why was the B.O.M. translated from reformed Egyptian? - Is the Bible 100% true? no its not. There are mistakes. - Does the Bible and B.O.M. support each other 100%?Those were his questions. My companion Elder Nielsen bought a book with all of the changes in the book of mormon since it was first translated.
I don’t know if you remember me telling you all about Ramell, he is the one that we taught that was having a baby with Margarets sister, but he was married and he really loves his wife. We know that the gospel is all about families to be together forever and that God can help out any relationship, because we cant deny the power of God and the love that he shows us when we are doing our best to do what is right. Anyways… Ramell is someone that we took to General Conference he lives in East New York “Brooklyn” we got him in touch with the missionaries there, but he really just likes Elder Nielsen and I a lot. He says that we are like brothers to him and that he wants us to teach him. There was a talk in general conference that really touched him by president Uchtdorf it was about love and families. That talk really changed his life. He is now getting back with his wife and we are so happy for him. He told his wife everything about his child that he has on the way. She thinks that they can work through it. So I am so happy for him. He made a rap about Dieter F. Uchtdorf and his talk, it is actually touching and spiritual. I promise. He is going to give me a copy of it next time he comes to Queens which should be on Sunday.Djly’s mom Miriam cooked my companion and I some food and she made a ton of pasta with meet and marinara sauce. She loaded up the food like crazy. This was right after we had just eaten. She gets offended when we don’t eat food when she offers it we know that from past experiences at her house. So yeah she served my companion and I like a 3lb. (I wish I were joking, but seriously) of pasta. I didn’t think that I was going to be able to eat it so I just pounded it down. My comp was struggling he stopped for a sec and put his hands over his stomach. She got offended and kept telling him that he doesn’t eat. It was hilarious. After I finished mine she loaded up another 2 pounds of food. Oh my goodness I didn’t think that there was anyway that I was going to be able to finish it, but I sure did. My comp made sure that she didn’t serve him anymore. I was so full. So I decided to fast the next day.It was a fun week on Saturday we made a goal that we would give it our 100% best the full day so that we can see the true potential that we have as missionaries and to see how good we can really do. We did so good on Saturday even though we only found 1 new investigator we still had a blast it was so fun just talking to everyone. That is what it is all about is talking to as many people as you possibly can. Well I have to go I love you all!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Hey everyone.... This week is maybe going to be a short weekly update. I dont have much time left on the computer so I will type as fast as I can and tell you about this past week. So this is the end of my first week of my second transfer. I cant believe how fast this time is just flying by. It is crazy. This transfer my companion and I have recieved an extra area along with Long Island CIty. We now have Long Island city and Sunnyside. Sunnyside is full of Apartments, they are perfect for trakting. I love traking by the way... Trakting is something that I feel so comfortable doing, knocking on doors where people are home is just the best!!! I feel that it is one of my strengths as a missionary.
This week was Halloween, so here in New York City I guess that it can get pretty crazy on Halloween so we had to be in at 5pm. Maria one of our investigators went to a singles Halloween dance with one of the members, it was put on by the church in Manhattan. From what I have heard, she totally loved it. The funny thing is that her mom went with her to the dance. I guess her mom danced it up too, and they had fun. We had a few trick or treaters here. They were mostly older kids. We got a few younger kids though.
Earlier in the week we went trakting in one of the apartments. So here in New York to get in to most of the apartments you have to ring the door to a room in the apartment and they push a button that unlocks the front door to let you in. So.... Anyways.... We went to this one apartment and rang a few different rooms hoping that someone would let us in. There was this crazy man that came running down the stairs and opened the door. He was instantly filled with anger. I said "Hey Sir, we are missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, and we are here to talk to people about Christ." He then replied "No one here wants to hear it." I was thinking in my head. Who is this guy?... I then replied back "Do you believe in Christ sir?" He answered "What kind of question is that?" I answerd back "Well I know that Christ is our Savior and Redeemer, and He loves each of us and did so much for us so that we can return to live with our Father in Heaven, and I am here to share this with everyone here." Now this guy was getting mad and he didnt want us here so he totally freaked out and said to me "If you dont leave I am going to have to physically take you out of this place." I replied. "There is no need for that here, but you dont want to listen to anything that we have to say.I am sure someone here would like to." I was trying my best to get into the apartment. My foot was in the door and he was trying to close the door but my foot was there and he freaked out completely. He was a little guy so I wasnt scared of him if something were to happen. So he said to me that I had a bad attitude and that he was going to call the church and tell them that I was a bad missionary. My companion and I both laughed and told him to go ahead and call. So.... The next day we got a call from the mission President. Him and I talked about the situation and he told me that I did the right thing and to not worry about that guy. He said that i am the type of missionary that God needs for these hard hearted New Yorkers. So I didnt get in trouble. That was just a funny crazy story this week.Well I am almost out of time now Sorry if it sounds all messed up I am sure there are a few errors in this, but I had to hurry as fast as I could. I love you all. I wish that I could share more with you, but I have to go now. I LOVE YOU ALL!