Saturday, August 27, 2011

Monday, August 22, 2011

Weekly Update 08-22-11

As of right now, it hasn't quite hit me to accept the fact that i am going to be home on Friday. Oh by the way the computer that i am using it's shift button is broken and it only works when it wants to, so please bear with me. My mission has been the most real experience that i have ever had in my life, i know that this work is real and true it is truly the work of the Lord.  i am going to miss the people here in NYC the most, i have truly grown to love the people here so much.
My experiences that I have had here have shaped me and molded my life from being a boy to now being a man, a man built upon the teachings of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. I look forward to sharing my mission experiences with each of you when i return. I am going to miss some of the people that I have been recently been teaching, it looks like this next month we are going to be having about 5 baptisms, so that will be great to hear about, but sad that I wont be able to see.
I look forward to seeing the family at the airport and there may be some people that I have come to love on my mission such as some recent converts that have moved to Utah after they joined the church, one of them will be Josh and Lenni Vargas, they are such a wonderful young married couple that i love so much, they will be friends of mine forever. i am sure that i will be nervous with the whole coming home thing probably the day of or the night before I leave. i will see some of you on the 26th, and some later on, but I do look forward to seeing all of you.  i really don't have much to write this week, as i know I left a promise that I would, but i have a lot to say when i get home and I can tell you the stories instead of typing it. I love you all! see you this week. Invite whoever you want to my homecoming that will be this coming Sunday!
 Love Elder JD Doyle

Monday, August 15, 2011

Weekly Update 08-15-11

I am truly touched by the spirit in my life and filled with so much gratitude to my Father in Heaven. He has truly poured out blessings upon me in my life as I have been a missionary for these past 2 years. I know that this change that has taken place in my life will continue to carry forward as I press on in my life always observing the commandments of God and living them. The joy that I have experienced these 2 years are inexplicable, but are feelings that I hope to posses in my heart eternally. Also these 2 years have brought much heartache, sadness, pain, and sorrow. It is something that is expected as I am here laboring for the salvation of souls. My joy is full, I know that I will be home next week and it is a bit crazy to me, but as my mission president has told me this past week. He said that the Lord has given him the sacred opportunity to look into my heart and he knows and is certain that I am ready to make the next step in my life. Hearing him say that filled me with an increase of hope for my future. I know that I am ready for this next step. The foundation of my life has been built, and it has been built strong upon the rock of my savior Jesus Christ.
I look forward to seeing your familiar faces. I know that it will bring great feelings into my heart when I meet my family at the airport. The only thing is that I am not going to be able to see my best friend in the world, my great brother Tyler, I love you bro! I know that he is still embarking in a great work, and in some ways I am sad that I am about out of time doing this work 24/7. I have made some great friends here in NYC, and have brought souls unto Christ. That alone makes it worth it even if it was one soul that I have brought unto Him, but my joy is immensely filled as I have brought many unto him through repentance and baptism. I really don't have much time, but I love you all. I will try to make my next weeks a bit better. Right now I am at a Chinese place and it is all in Chinese so I cant tell how much time I have left.
LOVE YOU ALL!!             Elder JD Doyle

Monday, August 8, 2011

Weekly Update 08-08-11

I truly dont have much time for todays update, but I will do my best. Lately has been truly a rewarding experience for me I have been reflecting upon the many miracles that I have been a partaker of throughout my mission. This week has helped me with that as I had my departing Mission Home stay with President and Sister Nelson and the missionaries that I came out with. I love the people here so much that is one thing that I am sad about, that I have truly come to love the people here soooo much and now I have to leave them soon.
I will not miss the loud noise that NYC brings, I wont miss the heartaches that come into my heart when people just wont accept the gospel and we have to let them be. I have noticed the ones who are the hardest to love on my mission have been the ones that have needed it the most. I never would have thought that my mission would have been such a battle, but it has been one that I am willing to fight any time because of the joy that it brings. Despite all of this I will remember all of the many people that I have taught. This weekend I was able to attend a baptism of Shaneeza Dass, Kevin and Melissa's mom from Jamaica, she told me that she misses me the most and she thanked me for the blessing that the gospel has brought into her life, but I told her to thank God. I talked to her husband Andrew, he told me that he was going to be getting baptized, but he needs some time. The family is almost complete, when I was in Jamaica we baptized Kevin and later we baptized Melissa, now the Mother is baptized and soon to be the father. The great reward will be when they are all sealed in the temple and become an eternal family. 
I will always remember these people here, I will miss the NY Pizza, I will miss making friends with the homies on the streets, I will miss declaring the sacred gospel message all day everyday, I will miss the diversity found here in NYC, I will miss spending time with my companions. I can go on and on, but most importantly my mission has changed me it is a miracle. I know that I am not the person who I once was.
As of right now for the work here in Flushing, the family that I was supposed to baptize just left to Florida for the rest of this month and they will be back in September so, I will just have to hear about the news when I get back to UT. We still have a few others that we are working with, but I am going to just keep my faith and keep working hard and I know that the Lord will make up the rest, but most importantly I will be happy as I am working my hardest. My studies have been my favorite part lately I have been loving the spirit that comes as I diligently seek the scriptures.
Well I am like out of time for this week now and I have to go. I love you all!!!
Elder JD Doyle

Monday, August 1, 2011

Weekly update 08-01-11

Everyone here has been constantly reminding me that I am going home from the members to the missionaries, I always feel sick whenever I hear about it. It is just so hard for me to let this full time service come to an end real soon. It has been an eternal blessing in my life, I know that I have changed so much as a person. The spirit will continually be my influence in my life in all things that I do. I really dont have that much time to e-mail today, but I am going to finish strong.
Elder Munday and I are loving our time that we have to serve together, I seriously love him so much. This week I have eaten a ton of fun stuff like Jelly fish, snail, and octopus. I love that about Flushing. The members are throwing a going away party for me on the 22nd, I am happy to see their appreciation for me as I have served here. I am staying in the mission home tomorrow night because the first group of missionaries are going home on Wednesday, so I am doing all of my departing stuff early. Well I am out of time I love you all. See you all soon!