Monday, August 1, 2011

Weekly update 08-01-11

Everyone here has been constantly reminding me that I am going home from the members to the missionaries, I always feel sick whenever I hear about it. It is just so hard for me to let this full time service come to an end real soon. It has been an eternal blessing in my life, I know that I have changed so much as a person. The spirit will continually be my influence in my life in all things that I do. I really dont have that much time to e-mail today, but I am going to finish strong.
Elder Munday and I are loving our time that we have to serve together, I seriously love him so much. This week I have eaten a ton of fun stuff like Jelly fish, snail, and octopus. I love that about Flushing. The members are throwing a going away party for me on the 22nd, I am happy to see their appreciation for me as I have served here. I am staying in the mission home tomorrow night because the first group of missionaries are going home on Wednesday, so I am doing all of my departing stuff early. Well I am out of time I love you all. See you all soon!


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