Monday, August 15, 2011

Weekly Update 08-15-11

I am truly touched by the spirit in my life and filled with so much gratitude to my Father in Heaven. He has truly poured out blessings upon me in my life as I have been a missionary for these past 2 years. I know that this change that has taken place in my life will continue to carry forward as I press on in my life always observing the commandments of God and living them. The joy that I have experienced these 2 years are inexplicable, but are feelings that I hope to posses in my heart eternally. Also these 2 years have brought much heartache, sadness, pain, and sorrow. It is something that is expected as I am here laboring for the salvation of souls. My joy is full, I know that I will be home next week and it is a bit crazy to me, but as my mission president has told me this past week. He said that the Lord has given him the sacred opportunity to look into my heart and he knows and is certain that I am ready to make the next step in my life. Hearing him say that filled me with an increase of hope for my future. I know that I am ready for this next step. The foundation of my life has been built, and it has been built strong upon the rock of my savior Jesus Christ.
I look forward to seeing your familiar faces. I know that it will bring great feelings into my heart when I meet my family at the airport. The only thing is that I am not going to be able to see my best friend in the world, my great brother Tyler, I love you bro! I know that he is still embarking in a great work, and in some ways I am sad that I am about out of time doing this work 24/7. I have made some great friends here in NYC, and have brought souls unto Christ. That alone makes it worth it even if it was one soul that I have brought unto Him, but my joy is immensely filled as I have brought many unto him through repentance and baptism. I really don't have much time, but I love you all. I will try to make my next weeks a bit better. Right now I am at a Chinese place and it is all in Chinese so I cant tell how much time I have left.
LOVE YOU ALL!!             Elder JD Doyle

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