Monday, August 22, 2011

Weekly Update 08-22-11

As of right now, it hasn't quite hit me to accept the fact that i am going to be home on Friday. Oh by the way the computer that i am using it's shift button is broken and it only works when it wants to, so please bear with me. My mission has been the most real experience that i have ever had in my life, i know that this work is real and true it is truly the work of the Lord.  i am going to miss the people here in NYC the most, i have truly grown to love the people here so much.
My experiences that I have had here have shaped me and molded my life from being a boy to now being a man, a man built upon the teachings of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. I look forward to sharing my mission experiences with each of you when i return. I am going to miss some of the people that I have been recently been teaching, it looks like this next month we are going to be having about 5 baptisms, so that will be great to hear about, but sad that I wont be able to see.
I look forward to seeing the family at the airport and there may be some people that I have come to love on my mission such as some recent converts that have moved to Utah after they joined the church, one of them will be Josh and Lenni Vargas, they are such a wonderful young married couple that i love so much, they will be friends of mine forever. i am sure that i will be nervous with the whole coming home thing probably the day of or the night before I leave. i will see some of you on the 26th, and some later on, but I do look forward to seeing all of you.  i really don't have much to write this week, as i know I left a promise that I would, but i have a lot to say when i get home and I can tell you the stories instead of typing it. I love you all! see you this week. Invite whoever you want to my homecoming that will be this coming Sunday!
 Love Elder JD Doyle

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