Monday, August 8, 2011

Weekly Update 08-08-11

I truly dont have much time for todays update, but I will do my best. Lately has been truly a rewarding experience for me I have been reflecting upon the many miracles that I have been a partaker of throughout my mission. This week has helped me with that as I had my departing Mission Home stay with President and Sister Nelson and the missionaries that I came out with. I love the people here so much that is one thing that I am sad about, that I have truly come to love the people here soooo much and now I have to leave them soon.
I will not miss the loud noise that NYC brings, I wont miss the heartaches that come into my heart when people just wont accept the gospel and we have to let them be. I have noticed the ones who are the hardest to love on my mission have been the ones that have needed it the most. I never would have thought that my mission would have been such a battle, but it has been one that I am willing to fight any time because of the joy that it brings. Despite all of this I will remember all of the many people that I have taught. This weekend I was able to attend a baptism of Shaneeza Dass, Kevin and Melissa's mom from Jamaica, she told me that she misses me the most and she thanked me for the blessing that the gospel has brought into her life, but I told her to thank God. I talked to her husband Andrew, he told me that he was going to be getting baptized, but he needs some time. The family is almost complete, when I was in Jamaica we baptized Kevin and later we baptized Melissa, now the Mother is baptized and soon to be the father. The great reward will be when they are all sealed in the temple and become an eternal family. 
I will always remember these people here, I will miss the NY Pizza, I will miss making friends with the homies on the streets, I will miss declaring the sacred gospel message all day everyday, I will miss the diversity found here in NYC, I will miss spending time with my companions. I can go on and on, but most importantly my mission has changed me it is a miracle. I know that I am not the person who I once was.
As of right now for the work here in Flushing, the family that I was supposed to baptize just left to Florida for the rest of this month and they will be back in September so, I will just have to hear about the news when I get back to UT. We still have a few others that we are working with, but I am going to just keep my faith and keep working hard and I know that the Lord will make up the rest, but most importantly I will be happy as I am working my hardest. My studies have been my favorite part lately I have been loving the spirit that comes as I diligently seek the scriptures.
Well I am like out of time for this week now and I have to go. I love you all!!!
Elder JD Doyle

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