Monday, July 25, 2011

Weekly Update 7-25-11

This past week has been a big week of reflection and satisfaction from the Spirit of the Lord that has carried into my heart with feelings of love, joy, peace, and pure happiness. This past week we had our departing temple trip in which we usually don't have those until the end of the transfer right before we go home, but the temple is going to be closed for cleaning. As we were within the temple with President Nelson, he told our group that we have all served honorable missions. It was weird hearing those words, because I went into the temple more pondering about these next 5 weeks that I have left.
I am so happy to be back in Flushing, and to be received by the members with such great love, they seem to be so happy and grateful to have me back. I love the work here so much. I was able to go to the temple for baptisms for the dead with my recent convert from Egypt Abdel Wahab Ahmed Muhammad Ahamed known as Bob Tut. He is doing so well it was so great to see him here staying strong in the church, and was blessing the sacrament. It was also great to hear and see Anita Ngo my other recent convert fulfilling her calling as Secretary of the Relief Society. They are both doing so well, I love them so much. This is truly some of the greatest joys that I have ever felt in my life to see the Spirit of the Lord enter into ones life and change them forever.
Right now my companion and I teach so very powerfully together there is something very special about our companionship, at transfer meeting Elder Doxey (one of the assistants to the president) pulled me aside and said if there is any companionship in the mission that was inspired it was yours. It felt great to hear that, I have not only seen that in the way we teach together, but he is good friends with Jake Cooper, and he knows Tyler, my little bro. They have hung out quite a few times. He would have never thought in his life that he would be companions on his mission with Tylers older Bro. We have a lot of fun together, and are excited to do the work. We both feel that we have been prepared in our lives spiritually to now be companions on our missions at this point in our lives. He is currently on his 3rd transfer and still has a lot of time left, but it is my desire to teach him everything that I know about the work to help him be the best missionary that he possibly can become in these next 2 years.
I was given permission by President Nelson to go to Melissa Dass' surprise B-day party, her mom really wanted me to be there because I was her first missionary, and I baptized her. She is amazing, her and Kevin have completely changed. There was a lot of members from the ward at their home with all of the missionaries in the Jamaica area, it was great to be there and to see them. I had to say bye for now,  but I will have to see them when I make a trip back out to NYC in the hopefully near future. I will miss all of these wonderful people here, but I will do my best to stay in touch with all of them throughout my life.
I know that this church is true, I know it. I am so grateful to know these things, I know that there are many people that are hungering for the truth, and know not where to find it. I have found many people on my mission who are as them, but I am continually seeking to find those who have been prepared in their lives to receive and accept the fullness of the everlasting gospel of Jesus Christ. I know that Christ is my savior that his very drops of blood was spilt for me, and for all of us. I truly feel his love in my life so powerfully and I have changed forever, and will never be the man who I was when I left on my mission, but continually strive on this uphill progression to enter in the presence of my Loving Father in Heaven. I love you all and wish you all the best!
Elder JD Doyle

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