Monday, July 11, 2011

Weekly Update 07-11-11

> I have truly been filled with blessings from on high as I have been
> striving diligently to bring His gospel message to the world here in
> NYC. My heart has changed in so many ways. I will reflect back on the
> experiences that I have had here for the rest of my life.
> This past week Manolita was confirmmed, it is so great to know that
> she has entered onto the path that the Lord desires of her to travel
> for the rest of her life. I am going to be a little sad if I am going
> to be leaving this area already, because my companion and I are both
> going home next transfer, but it is looking as if I am going to be
> staying here in the area and getting a new companion. I will know
> everything at the end of this week. I am thinking that I am going to
> get the companion that I have been wanting to serve with forever,
> Elder Kinikini. He is the man, him and I have such a great passion for
> the Lords work and we have the same style of how we do the work. We
> will see how all of that works out.
> Today we went to the Statue of Liberty and to Ellis Island, it was fun
> going with the Zone to go check out Lady Liberty. We took a lot of fun
> pictures, and we had a blast. I would send you some of the pictures
> but I left my USB, so I will have to send them to you next week.
> I am still loving every moment of doing the Lords work, it is a work
> where great power is found, a work that has nothing to do with myself
> but all to do with others and with His children. I am loving NYC, it
> is going to be a special place that I will have in my heart for the
> rest of my life. I have learned to love His children, love is what
> generates the most power in this work. Love is why I came on my
> mission in the first place, it was because I have a great love for the
> Lord. It is through His love that I am able to stand here and bare
> witness of the Living Christ. That He lives, that He has called a
> prophet Joseph Smith to assist in the great work to restore His true
> living gospel in its fullness back to the earth. I know that Christ
> truly guides and leads His church here on the earth, I know that He
> has called me through a living prophet to come here to NYC to be a
> missionary. The Book of Mormon is true, I know that if anyone reads
> the pages therein with a desire to act, by applying the principals
> taught in the Book of Mormon to their lives that they will know
> through the great love and power of God that these things are true. I
> invite all to read and they can find out on their own from the most
> Powerful Being himself if the Book of Mormon is true. It is true and I
> know it, I am happy to share it and eternally grateful for the sacred
> experiences that I have had as I have been here on my mission. I will
> hold them dear forever. I love you all, remember the Lord and His
> work, you are all a part of it!
> Elder JD Doyle

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