Monday, November 9, 2009

11-09-09Hey everyone…. Yep it is another P-day I cant believe it… Time goes by so fast here it is amazing how fast time really does fly. So let me give ya’ll a quick update for this past awesome week. First off Elder Froerer (my zone leader) we went on exchanges and we went tracting and I knocked a door and this very nice Philippine lady answered the door. I talked to her about what we are doing and about the Book of Mormon and that I have a true testimony that the book is true. She then invited us inside and we taught her about the restoration on of the church of Jesus Christ. She loved the message so much and the spirit was so strong inside her home when we were talking to her. We are now teaching her she is new in the teaching pool, but we think that she should be great we have a few Philippine families in the ward that will be great at fellowshipping her. She told us that she has a friend in the Philippines that has just recently converted to the Mormon religion. So that is a bonus. She is great.Now… Another person that we met this week we call him Raf. He doesn’t tell us his real first name. He is a former investigator of the church so we went and knocked his door to get to know him and see what he knew about the church. He is a younger guy with a very cool personality he seems to have a lot going for him. He tells us that he doesn’t work, but he has all of these nice things so we think that he might be like an FBI or something weird like that. So when we knocked his door he started laughing, he was on the phone he totally hung up the phone. He was so happy to see us. He was like ok let me get my stuff and lets go to the coffee shop. He really is such an intelligent man I look up to him in a lot of ways. He is so good with people and is very smart. He asked us some legit questions that he wants to know. The questions that he asked were: -What is truth based on, and can truth be wrong? Truth to him can never be wrong. -What are 3 prophecies that have come to pass within the last 2 prophets? - What are 3 changes in the book of Mormon that aren’t grammatical or punctuation changes? - Why was the B.O.M. translated from reformed Egyptian? - Is the Bible 100% true? no its not. There are mistakes. - Does the Bible and B.O.M. support each other 100%?Those were his questions. My companion Elder Nielsen bought a book with all of the changes in the book of mormon since it was first translated.
I don’t know if you remember me telling you all about Ramell, he is the one that we taught that was having a baby with Margarets sister, but he was married and he really loves his wife. We know that the gospel is all about families to be together forever and that God can help out any relationship, because we cant deny the power of God and the love that he shows us when we are doing our best to do what is right. Anyways… Ramell is someone that we took to General Conference he lives in East New York “Brooklyn” we got him in touch with the missionaries there, but he really just likes Elder Nielsen and I a lot. He says that we are like brothers to him and that he wants us to teach him. There was a talk in general conference that really touched him by president Uchtdorf it was about love and families. That talk really changed his life. He is now getting back with his wife and we are so happy for him. He told his wife everything about his child that he has on the way. She thinks that they can work through it. So I am so happy for him. He made a rap about Dieter F. Uchtdorf and his talk, it is actually touching and spiritual. I promise. He is going to give me a copy of it next time he comes to Queens which should be on Sunday.Djly’s mom Miriam cooked my companion and I some food and she made a ton of pasta with meet and marinara sauce. She loaded up the food like crazy. This was right after we had just eaten. She gets offended when we don’t eat food when she offers it we know that from past experiences at her house. So yeah she served my companion and I like a 3lb. (I wish I were joking, but seriously) of pasta. I didn’t think that I was going to be able to eat it so I just pounded it down. My comp was struggling he stopped for a sec and put his hands over his stomach. She got offended and kept telling him that he doesn’t eat. It was hilarious. After I finished mine she loaded up another 2 pounds of food. Oh my goodness I didn’t think that there was anyway that I was going to be able to finish it, but I sure did. My comp made sure that she didn’t serve him anymore. I was so full. So I decided to fast the next day.It was a fun week on Saturday we made a goal that we would give it our 100% best the full day so that we can see the true potential that we have as missionaries and to see how good we can really do. We did so good on Saturday even though we only found 1 new investigator we still had a blast it was so fun just talking to everyone. That is what it is all about is talking to as many people as you possibly can. Well I have to go I love you all!

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