Monday, November 30, 2009

Hey everyone I am so excited every P-day. I always look forward to write a weekly update so that each of you can hear how I am doing and most importantly, you get to hear how great this work is carrying on. This past week has been fun with Thanksgiving. I sure hope that each of you were able to reflect back on the wonderful things that each of you have been blessed with and that you can be thankful for those blessings and gifts that you all have received throughout your life.
For Thanksgiving I was able to spend it with a wonderful family it is Attorney Keith Barton, which he just recently moved here from Utah. I call him Brother Barton. He is such a great man. He truly is such a humble person and has a big heart and shows a lot of love to everyone that he comes in contact with. So on Thanksgiving we went to his Penthouse suite, which had a view of Manhattan, Queens, And downtown Brooklyn. It was such a nice place. Also it was good to have some nice Utah cookin. The cookin here is quite different. It’s probably because I am living in the capital of the world NYC. Literally though NYC is the capital of the world every type of person lives here there are over 100 different languages spoken here… Anyways Bro Barton has recently been called to be a ward missionary he has given us about 8 referrals in the past week. Which I haven’t even received one referral from anyone in the ward, but he has only been a ward missionary for a week and he has given me 8. So I hope that I get to stay in this area for a few more transfers.
After Thanksgiving dinner we went back to our Apt. and we organized a way to build up the ward in which we serve. There are 400+ people in our ward, and only about 80 of them are active members. So we created a map with all of the ward members it has where they live and we are going to start visiting them as a primary source to build up the ward and get people back to church and to also use that as a primary source to find new investigators. The reason being is that here in New York there are a lot of part member families. Also as when we go and visit the members of the ward, we can ask them how their personal missionary work is going, because we as members of this church must consistently be missionaries by serving others and standing up for what you believe in. So that is another way of how we are strengthening the saints here in New York.
Earlier this week we were walking down the street going tracting, and street contacting which in the mission we call it fearlessing. As we were doing that we noticed a lady outside sweeping up all of the leaves in her front yard, so we went up and told her to let us do this for her. At first she didn’t believe us until I picked up a broom and started weeping up her leaves. She then went and grabbed a few more brooms and we cleaned up the yard pretty nice for her. She kept calling us Angels from God to come help her. After we finished up with her yard she invited us into her house, she is an author and has written a book about God and how she is still searching for the truth. She used to be Jehovah’s Witness, which by the way the Jehovah’s Witnesses are huge here in NY. She gave us a copy of her book and it was a nice book that has been published and read by New York Best Seller authors that have written some good reviews on her book. So that just shows that by always reaching out to others in love and by helping them, that is what it can take to change someone’s life. So now we have been teaching her for the past week. We have also began teaching this lady that we fearlessed on the street, she is progressing very well. She explained that prior to this point in her life she was not concerned about religion, but lately she has felt a need and has been very curios when it comes to religion. So those are 2 of our new investigators that we have been teaching.
This week I went and I talked to the bishop of the ward in which I am currently serving, I explained to him that we want to be able to work in unity with him and with the ward so that this work can carry out the most effective way as we can as missionaries. It was a good talk that I had with him and I know that he felt the spirit and I feel that it lifted his spirit in a positive way that can motivate him to carry on his roll as bishop more effectively.
This week I saw another person that I knew growing up it was Tony Segura’s dad, Harry Segura. I don’t think that is how you spell his last name, but I forgot how to spell it. He was across the track going to Manhattan and I was on the opposite side of the track going away from Manhattan and I yelled to him across the track “Harry” he was happy to see me out on my mission. He asked what my Dads phone number was, I gave it to him, but I am not sure if he called. The train pulled up quickly after I yelled out to him. It is crazy that I have seen 2 people that I know in the past 2 ½ weeks. I was amazed to see him. I feel weird when I see people that I know though, but it is always good to see people. There are so many blessings that come from the gospel. I love this work and I love all of you thanks for all of your prayers and love. Until next week, I will be praying for you all..

Love, Elder Doyle

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