Monday, December 7, 2009

Hello to all of my wonderful family and friends. I love each and everyone of you. I am so lucky to have P-day on my B-day ha ha ha. I am not going to write any letters today because we are going to go do something for my b-day and I really just want to relax. I enjoy all of your prayers for me. I can feel the influence of the Holy Ghost really blessing my life, and filling my words with such great power as I speak of the gospel to others. I want to share with you about this past week. First off we have been working on a list that was truly inspired so that we can strengthen the saints here in NY and also to find people as we are teaching. We went and we knocked on a ladies door in our ward, (which was the last door of the night and we had no idea who she was) it was almost 9:00. So we knocked her door, she was so very willing to let us in. She began to cry and the spirit filled the room with such great comforting power. She told us that today she went to a funeral and her x-boyfriend had just recently committed suicide. I was so sad to hear that, but I knew that we were supposed to knock on that door for a very important reason, that reason is…. She has been prepared through the loving hands of God to again receive the restored gospel and the blessings that come from applying the teachings to her life. She told us that she was ready to come back to church and that she was going to remain strong for the rest of her life. I was so happy for her, I was filled with an instant love and care for this her.
The past few weeks my companion and I hit a dry spot, which was a little bit discouraging and a test of faith. On Saturday I had enough and I prayed for inspiration so that I can find people to teach that would be willing to accept us to come and teach them. So on Saturday we went tracting and we found 2 new investigators on the first floor we knocked in that building. These two new investigators are what missionaries like to call “Golden Investigators,” Which means that they are just so willing and open to feast upon the words of Christ. I was so thankful for that day on Saturday and the success that we had. I was sure to thank our Father in Heaven for that blessing as a missionary.
Yesterday I received a great birthday gift from one of the ward members, we got to go over to her house and she taught us how to make sushi. It was amazing and home made sushi is bomb. So yeah I know how to make my own sushi now.
Unfortunately last night we heard about transfers and I am staying in this area for probably another 2 transfers, which means that I am going to be in this area for 6 months. I am going to find out who my new companion is on Tuesday. So right now my companion is packing up all of his stuff and moving out tomorrow to his new area. I love this area though and right now we have 1 baptism coming up on the 20th of Dec. I feel it to be such a blessing when I have an opportunity to help others receive the restored gospel and for them to make the decision to be baptized.
That is all that I really have to say about this week. I am so thankful to have such a sure knowledge of the gospel to be true. I know that through the power of the Holy Ghost and through the power of prayer I have come to know that. I love each of you and I am thankful to have each of you as a part of my life. I love this gospel and I have such a great love for the Book of Mormon, by how much closer I feel the love of God as I read that book. I also testify that there is no other book on the face of the earth that man can draw closer to God, but by that book, which restores the fullness of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Until next week I will miss you all!
Love Elder Doyle

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