Monday, December 14, 2009

Hey everyone! I am not sure how many of you actually read this every week, but I am guessing that not many of you do. Ha ha ha, But that doesn’t mean that I am going to stop doing my weekly updates. I am seriously loving NYC! I have such a great love for the people here, and I know that God has such a great love for his choice children here in New York City as well. I am currently doing all that I can to bless the lives of many people to bring the spirit of Christ in there homes over this Christmas season. This past week there has been a few changes I now have a new companion, his name is Elder Werner from Bountiful, Utah. He has been out for almost 18 months. So he is going to be going home soon. He lived with me the previous 2 transfers before this one. So I have been with him the whole time, but now we are companions. He is such a cool kid I am learning so much from him. The crazy thing about this is that we have the whole house to ourselves which is very rare in the New York New York South Mission. We also have one of the biggest pads in the mission, it has 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. I love it! We do get lonely at times having only us two, but it is good in many ways. It keeps us focused on our work as a companionship. So yeah, now him and I have the whole ward area to cover, so now my area has doubled in size. I haven’t had a baptism for awhile, but now we finally got another one coming up on this Sunday the 20th, her name is Autumn. She moved here from Cincinnati, Ohio. I am so happy for her and I love her very much. Her life is truly about to change forever and she is so happy and excited to take this big step in life and to make these sacred covenants with our Father in Heaven. Ok so this week I received the coolest gift in the world from my Dad and family. Ha ha it was so funny when I opened the box. We actually got it on video. I was so surprised to open the box and find 2 live lobsters crawling around in a box, It was hilarious. Elder Werner and I had no idea what to do with these lobsters. So we read up on the instructions and found out that we had to boil them alive it was kinda sad, but at the same time it was such an awesome experience ha ah ha ha. It was so funny! Right now we have a lot of investigators, but only 3 of them are really solid and progressing towards baptism. We have Autumn who is getting baptized on Sunday. Then We have John, When we found John he was the most depressed guy that I have ever met in my life and he was so negative about everything. He has now come to church the past 4 weeks in a row. He has totally changed as a person and he seems to be so much happier than he was when we met him. We are going to maybe commit him to be baptized on a certain date this week. So pray for John for us so that he can be able to enter into the waters of baptism. He is such a great guy. Then we have Connie I remember telling you a little bit about her last week. She was a Jehovah’s witness for 25 years and now she left that church. She is totally eating up the Book of Mormon and loving every bit of it. There is only one problem, she is going to be going to Brazil for 3 months starting in January. So we are going to do all that we can to get her in touch with the missionaries in Brazil. I don’t know if you all remember Margaret? She was my first baptism back in October. Well she hasn’t been coming to church for awhile and I am very worried about her. She didn’t seem like that she was going to do this, she seemed so committed and ready to always come to church. I have been praying for her like crazy and I know that she is going to come back to the church in the next little bit. I have a lot of hope for Margaret she is a strong person and has been through a lot in her life.Well I don’t have much time left so I have to get going. I love all of you and I miss good ol’ Utah so much!
Love Elder Doyle

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  1. Just want you to know some people do read your blog... keep up the good work.... Bro. Prusso (next door)