Monday, November 2, 2009

Hey everyone.... This week is maybe going to be a short weekly update. I dont have much time left on the computer so I will type as fast as I can and tell you about this past week. So this is the end of my first week of my second transfer. I cant believe how fast this time is just flying by. It is crazy. This transfer my companion and I have recieved an extra area along with Long Island CIty. We now have Long Island city and Sunnyside. Sunnyside is full of Apartments, they are perfect for trakting. I love traking by the way... Trakting is something that I feel so comfortable doing, knocking on doors where people are home is just the best!!! I feel that it is one of my strengths as a missionary.
This week was Halloween, so here in New York City I guess that it can get pretty crazy on Halloween so we had to be in at 5pm. Maria one of our investigators went to a singles Halloween dance with one of the members, it was put on by the church in Manhattan. From what I have heard, she totally loved it. The funny thing is that her mom went with her to the dance. I guess her mom danced it up too, and they had fun. We had a few trick or treaters here. They were mostly older kids. We got a few younger kids though.
Earlier in the week we went trakting in one of the apartments. So here in New York to get in to most of the apartments you have to ring the door to a room in the apartment and they push a button that unlocks the front door to let you in. So.... Anyways.... We went to this one apartment and rang a few different rooms hoping that someone would let us in. There was this crazy man that came running down the stairs and opened the door. He was instantly filled with anger. I said "Hey Sir, we are missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, and we are here to talk to people about Christ." He then replied "No one here wants to hear it." I was thinking in my head. Who is this guy?... I then replied back "Do you believe in Christ sir?" He answered "What kind of question is that?" I answerd back "Well I know that Christ is our Savior and Redeemer, and He loves each of us and did so much for us so that we can return to live with our Father in Heaven, and I am here to share this with everyone here." Now this guy was getting mad and he didnt want us here so he totally freaked out and said to me "If you dont leave I am going to have to physically take you out of this place." I replied. "There is no need for that here, but you dont want to listen to anything that we have to say.I am sure someone here would like to." I was trying my best to get into the apartment. My foot was in the door and he was trying to close the door but my foot was there and he freaked out completely. He was a little guy so I wasnt scared of him if something were to happen. So he said to me that I had a bad attitude and that he was going to call the church and tell them that I was a bad missionary. My companion and I both laughed and told him to go ahead and call. So.... The next day we got a call from the mission President. Him and I talked about the situation and he told me that I did the right thing and to not worry about that guy. He said that i am the type of missionary that God needs for these hard hearted New Yorkers. So I didnt get in trouble. That was just a funny crazy story this week.Well I am almost out of time now Sorry if it sounds all messed up I am sure there are a few errors in this, but I had to hurry as fast as I could. I love you all. I wish that I could share more with you, but I have to go now. I LOVE YOU ALL!

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