Sunday, September 12, 2010

Hello everyone!!! Once again another week has passed by, time is moving way too quick. I seriously cant believe it is September already. I don't know if that is crazy for ya'll, but its definitely weird for me. This week was a wonderful week for Elder Jones and I, and I mean that being many reasons why it was such a great week.
As I mentioned last week, that we were going to invite Zoe and Adenike to be baptized. Well Zoe is preparing herself to be baptized on the 25th of September and Adenike is going to be baptized this coming Saturday, September 11th. We are both so very excited for them, we truly love them so much. We will continue to do all that we can for them and allow ourselves to be directed by the Spirit on how we can assist them in following through with their decisions to be baptized. As I am desperately seeking for the Lords help in this work, I feel that my heart is now more fully set upon the importance of the Spirit, and how critical it is to have the Spirit direct me in this sacred work. The Spirit must direct me in all things, I know that this Spirit is what we all desire to have, that it may direct our steps through out this journey through life.
This week I received a phone call from Elder Brownell and Sister Brownell one of the new senior couples and they mentioned that they found a new "Pad" for my companion and I. The mission is in the middle of transitioning to one companionship per pad. So yeah we moved this week into a way nice brand new apt, with new everything. That is a good thing for my Comp and I because we had "Bed Bugs" so yeah we were getting eaten alive when we fell asleep at night, but my companion had it so much worse than I did. He was literally getting eaten alive. it was intense he has a scar on his head from bed bugs. So yeah we threw out our old beds and we got brand new beds and mattresses. We were busy with cleaning our brand new "Pad" and moving in for 2 of the days this week, but we still had a productive week.
Now as for Guiseppe and Natalie, Guiseppe really wants to be baptized this weekend on the 11th, but he didn't make it to church yesterday so we are going to go see him tonight and try to push his baptism date back another week, because we want him to be able to remain a strong member of the church throughout his life. Natalie says that she is not quite ready for baptism, but she said that she wants her husband to be baptized because it is important to him. So we will continue to work with them and I know that Natalie should eventually come around and things should all work out. It would be great to baptize them together, but if it doesn't work out like that we will just baptize Guiseppe.
Well we have another busy week that lies ahead of us we will be working hard this week and do all that we can to continue to help these individuals to accept the true message of the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. As for now that is really all that I have to update you all on for now. Oh actually I can tell you about this crazy guy that walked in to Guiseppe's home as we were teaching him and his wife. He was a crack dealer and a devil worshiper it was kinda scary because he was saying how he kills people robs people, he kinda got in my face and I was like Whoa, hold up i am not here for problems I am here to simply help others come unto Christ. So yeah I am ok no worries their. It's alright I have got some homies here that would take care of him if anything happened to me. Ha ha ha. Well that's all for this week.

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