Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I am so sincere about the love that I have for each of you, who have supported me and my decision to come out here on my mission. The experiences that I have encountered have truly brought a sure knowledge of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon and of His restored gospel on the Earth today. Although I knew that this was all true before I came out here, I am just so grateful to be a witness of the true power and miracles that may enter into others lives through this restored gospel. The miracles and blessings that enter into others lives are real, to the point of their entire lives turning around, yes it's truly a miracle that is given to them from the power of Heaven. The Spirit is what guides these individuals and witnesses to these precious Sons and Daughters of God the true love and power that comes through and from living, standing, walking and building their lives upon the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
This week we had so many great experiences that have brought so much joy into my life. This week I had a very special experience that has happened to me for the first time on my mission. My companion and I were trying to figure out what to do as a back-up plan for one of out appointments. I then looked at the map and there was a thought that entered into my mind to go tracting so I was looking to where we should go tracting and there was a number that i looked at and I saw it in BOLD print in my mind it was weird I cant really explain, I then told my companion that we are going to go knock on this door at this time. It was 2184 Dean St. not knowing before hand what was going to be found there it could have been nothing, but I felt that whatever it is there someone is ready to hear out message. So the next day we went to the house and knocked on the door and someone came to the door and we talked to her and she invited us into her house and she starting crying to us saying that this is what she needs in her life. It was such a special moment for us, we are now teaching her and hoping that she will be able to accept a baptismal invitation on our next visit.
This week Dominic was baptized on Thursday night, We had 3 confirmations at church. Adenike was sick and couldn't make it so we are hoping that she can be confirmed a member of the church in 2 weeks because of General Conference this coming Sunday. I am so happy for all of the people that we have been teaching and have accepted the truth. As I have been thinking of all of the crazy things that are going on around me, and when people here try to give me a hard time. I remember to look at life through an eternal perspective and none of those things really matter.
As for transfers well, the Lord needs me here in this same area still. I am going to be here for at least a total of 7 months which I was in my last area for 7 months as well. So yeah it is crazy because most people that I came out with are in their 4th area. IT is crazy. President Nelson told me that if anyone in the mission can be able to do this it would be me. It felt good hearing that from him, and I know that the Lord needs me here for at least another 6 weeks. Well I am out of time and I have to cut you all short. I love you all!

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