Monday, October 11, 2010

Wow... It was such a special weekend with General Conference to have the special opportunity to hear the profound words of a living prophet of God, his counselors, and the Quorums of the 12 and all other spiritual leaders that spoke out to the world this past weekend. These sacred words spoken were truly carried into my heart with such great love and power, I give thanks to our Father in Heaven for these truly inspired men called by Him. The Lord has given us these words of counsel and it is now our duty to act and to apply the things that were spoken to us in our own personal lives. There is no other way to find peace and love of God in our life if we but do all we can to read, pray, and apply the things that we have learned and are continuing to learn from the power of the Spirit which truly speaks to our hearts and mind with such indescribable love and power. I know these things are true and I am here to declare the truth to the world, but others have their agency to choose and sometimes choose to walk a different path through life. My heart is truly filled with hope and love for all children of God (the world) that one day they man come to this same sure understanding of the truthfulness and sincere love of God that is awaiting to enter into everyone's life that opens their doors to let the healing power of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ set them free. This is my duty to my loving Father in Heaven to "serve him here with all my heart, might, mind and strength. That I may assist in bringing to past the immortality and eternal life of man."
I feel strongly that I am still embarking in such a miracle in my own personal life, with the mighty change that I have experienced within my own personal self. I have become a much more patient and a lot less stubborn person, filled with an increased love for all men. I know this comes as I am continually striving to give my heart to God, and set aside my selfish desires as I am in His service to Him as I am here to share His Gospel with my fellow brothers and sisters here currently in Brooklyn. I hope that all of you may know that my heart is full with love for you and for this true Gospel.
Currently here on the mission we are teaching a few people right now, we are continually looking on finding some new people to teach so that we can spend more time teaching and less time finding. I have faith that we will be able to fulfill the purpose that the Lord brings my companion and I together here at this time. Whatever this purpose may be I know that I will be prayerful and strive to be humble so that the Spirit may direct our steps in this sacred work. Last transfer we started with nothing with 0 people to teach and we ended up having much success, and now it is time to start over and try to repeat what we have done before.
On last Monday when we went out with Bro. Amato he took us to that way nice Italian restaurant called The Parkside. There was a guy walking around in the restaurant that was doing some magic so I called him over to our table and this man literally read my mind. He told me to think of someone that I am close to and the first person that I thought of was my little bro Tyler. So he told me to think of his face and my relationship with him. He then told me to think of his name and the last letter of his name. He then had a card folded up in the middle of the table and told me to look at it and I never mentioned his name or anything, and on the card was written, "Say hello to Tyler for me." Yeah it was crazy. He literally read my mind. It is now time for me to get off though I feel that I always want to say more, but this is all that I have time for so I love you all. Have a good week.
Elder JD Doyle

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