Friday, October 22, 2010

It has been another miraculous week for my companion, Elder Jones and I. We have been working hard on trying to build our teaching pool, we now have a solid teaching pool. This week we were able to get 2 more baptismal invites out, one for Zoe, she is a daughter of a less active member, another for a guy named Mark he is such a cool guy from Jamaica he has been searching for the truth and has been to many churches he is a full believer in Jesus Christ but is looking for the true church to be baptized into. He is so ready to be baptized I am so excited for him. We had so many great meetings with him this week, his Fiance is a member who was baptized 2 years ago. So she has been helping us out with getting him to read and pray. She is so thankful for having us teach him. Things are moving quick with him, he is excited and has came to church the last 2 weeks. This week we had a total of 10 investigators at church. It felt so good seeing all of these people at church.
This Sunday I was asked to speak in church I was asked to speak on "how to develop faith and make it stronger" I absolutely enjoyed speaking to the East New York Branch I felt the Spirit strongly, and usually people are loud when others are speaking, but when I spoke it was seriously so silent and spiritual. I also mentioned in my talk that I should be gone in 3 weeks so yeah we will have to see and hope that that is the truth. I am always so grateful when I get the opportunity to speak it means a lot to me.
This weekend was the "Fall Harvest Festival" us missionaries volunteered to help out the community and to help out with the staff. It was so fun, but the wind was blowing so hard. The weather here has been so crazy lately last Monday we got caught up in a huge rain/hail storm the wind was blowing like 60 MPH, it was unreal I have never seen anything like that. It was so much fun running through it though, and I didn't have an umbrella so yeah I got so soaked, that I might as well have just jumped in a big huge pool of water. This week we got a lot of great things going regardless of the crazy weather.
This week is going to be a major short update, I am so sorry to all of you, but I am doing well, also all of our investigators seem to be excited to progress in this gospel. I am so excited for each of them and my love for each of them is real. There is no greater thing that I could be doing right now in my life than what I am doing right now. It means so much to me and I know this work is true and it is so real, it truly blesses the lives of so many people, but it is only through Gods love and His power that these blessings come to pass. Again I love each of you. I have to go now.
Elder JD Doyle

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