Monday, May 23, 2011

Weekly Update 05-23-11

     My good friends and family, it is an honor for me each week to have this opportunity to share with you a portion of the miraculous life-changing experiences that are found in this marvelous work as I am here serving the Lord with all of my heart. Some of the experiences are some that I love to share, and others are very personal between the Lord and I, where one day I may share some of these experiences if the Lord permits me to do so at some point in life. It is my prayer that you all may be able to feel of the significance and the need that we all have to share the gospel with everyone. I know that I have been called to serve as full-time missionary for 2 years, but when I was called I know that I was called to serve forever. I will soon one day be released from the mantle of a full-time missionary, but I will serve forever. I may leave the field but not the missionary will not leave me.
     Today I am short on the time that I have to type up this e-mail to you all. The work here is moving forward, the Lord is watchful of His children as he is for each of you. It is amazing how our role as missionaries comes into play in others lives. I love to hear of the great work going on in Orlando with Elder Tyler Doyle, my best friend in the world, and the great work that is happening all around me.
     I am not sure if you all heard about the "end of the world" that was supposed to happen, but it was a big deal here in NYC. The "End of the World" was on May 21st, well I am still here alive and spreading the gospel into the lives of my good brothers and sisters here in NYC. There were people that have taken this false prophecy serious some have sold their houses and spent a lot of their money on advertising this false prophecy. It was great because on Saturday the 21st we got all of the missionaries in our zone to go out to Jamaica ave and set up a table and talk to everyone that passes by on the street, there are too many people that we didn't have time to talk to every one, but it was fun. I love this work and there is nothing greater than this. I have to go now, I love you all!
           Elder JD Doyle

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