Monday, June 6, 2011

Weekly Update 6-6-2011

Hello everyone, It is now time for me to head out to another area. I am sad that I have to say goodbye to all of these wonderful people, I absolutely love the people here in Jamaica Queens. At the same time I am excited and filled with faith for what lies ahead of me. I have been filled with a great brightness of hope for this last part of my mission. I am satisfied for the great effort and hard work that Elder Yau and I put into the work this last transfer that we've shared together. We worked as if we had no time to waste, it feels great to be able to say with complete honesty that I have done my very best throughout my entire mission.
It is amazing that I am leaving because this past week, I felt the Spirit whisper to me that the work that I was sent here to do has been fulfilled and my purpose here has been completed, not only with the people that I've been called to teach, but also with the missionaries that I've been called to serve.
I am going to be serving with Elder Yancuba as my companion he is originally from Africa and now is from Chicago, he is a missionary that I came out with. I am excited to serve with him I know that we will work well together. He is an exciting person to be around and full of love. I am going to miss Elder Yau, I learned a lot from him, but I must do what the Lord has called me to do.
I hope that you all enjoy the pictures that I sent. I loved the children here in Jamaica they were so fun. I am going to miss the Haitian family at the end, I taught the Older daughter and they will be friends forever, I sent his wife a French copy of the book of Mormon in the mail, and she has now read almost the whole book, she is going to be baptized when she comes here at the end of the month. Well I am running short on time and I have to start packing up to move tomorrow, and tonight I am going to go out with the new missionaries to go out to fearless people on Jamaica Ave. I love you all and I am sorry that this weeks update isn't all that great.

Love Elder JD Doyle

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