Monday, June 13, 2011

Weekly Update 06-13-11

     I am indeed grateful to have this sacred opportunity to serve amongst such great of people who have been truly humbled by their life experiences. Here in Midwood Brooklyn I am sharing the gospel with pretty much only Hatian people. So I have to make sure that Tyler comes out here with me when he gets home from his mission. I get sad when I cant share the gospel with these people because they speak Creole/French. I do try my best though and I keep talking to them as long as I can before they just walk away but I always make sure that I give them a card just in case.
     Right now I live with the ASL missionaries, one of them is deaf, he is such a cool guy he can speak great and he also reads lips very well, so I can communicate anything to him and he will understand and respond. The ASL missionaries are so great, I love them so much they are fun to have as "Pad Mates." This week we found 7 new investigators as we went out and I fearlessed seriously every person that I could possibly talk to. We had some great meetings with people, we invited 3 people to be baptized and 1 of them accepted and will be baptized on July 3rd. The other two are going to pray to know if the 17th of July is a good day for them. We will continue to work with these great people and continue to find and teach these people. I am here to declare the gospel with boldness and strive to take every opportunity that I possibly have to share the gospel. I love talking to everyone, it brings so much joy into my heart.
     Last night I had my first Dinner Appt. with a Hatian family. Bro.... The food was sooo good, I am sure that you are loving the food in your mission. The ward that I am serving in consists of 90% Haitians. They are going to be starting a Creole program here in the mission this next transfer the church is now training missionaries in the MTC to learn Creole, and we are getting a new missionary next transfer. He will most likely be in my zone.
     My companion Elder Yancuba is awesome, he is a fun missionary to serve around he is originally from Africa and lived there for 13 years of his life. He is a funny Elder with a lot of love and care for the work. He has been wanting to be my companion from the begining of our missions. We have seriously been working so hard, we came out together and are both coming to the end of our missions and we have the sincere desire to sprint to the finish giving the Lord all of our hearts in helping His children come to the knowledge of the truthfulness of this restored gospel.
     Ok so now I am going to announce to all of you, I havent said anything regarding this matter, but I am going to be attending BYU Idaho this fall when I get home. I am going to be home from my mission on August 26th and I will be starting school on September 9th. I am excited for my future and the rest of my mission, I know that I am going to work my very best and finish strong. I am looking forward to this next week and very excited to see some great success and miracles here in Midwood, I know that there will be miracles here as I give my heart to the Lord in all that I do.
     I love you all and hope you all have a great week. Oh and I am also grateful as Tyler was for the wonderful map from the Doyle family with the kind words of encouragement and love that have been shared. Keep up the good work that you all are doing and always remember your savior Jesus Christ.
                          Elder JD Doyle

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