Sunday, July 4, 2010

Wow, I don't know where to start this week was such a special blessing in my life. I have now realized of the things that I am capable of fulfilling as a missionary, but most importantly it is not me but it is the convincing power of the Spirit that plants a desire to change in the hearts of those we are teaching. This week we had such a strong week. We have 4 investigators with Baptismal Dates, yesterday we had 9 investigators at church and 7 of them came for the first time. They all loved it so much and they cant wait until next Sunday so that they can come again. We have Gail getting baptized on the 16th. We have Sister Bradfords two boys Jhole and Rudy, ages 10 and 13 getting baptized on the 17th. We have Lee she will be getting baptized on the 24th of July. All of these individuals are progressing so much, and are all excited to be baptized. I truly know that the Lord is entrusting my companion and I with these precious souls. It is such a good experience for my companion Elder Palmer, this being his first transfer and we have had 1 baptism and we have 4 baptisms coming up. As we look at those that we are currently working with we have the potential to have a solid 7+ baptisms within the next 6 weeks. This past week we went over to two of our newer investigators homes, which they live in a way nice home in the hood. Their names are Linda and Joe, they are both about to retire. After we were done talking to them about the church we went out onto their front yard and I noticed a puddle of water on their grass. I mentioned that I specialize in Sprinklers, she told me that she paid someone to come fix that problem but it didnt get fixed. So I asked if they had a shovel and I started digging and I fixed their sprinklers and I got my pants all muddy and my tie muddy as well. I also adjusted some of their sprinkler heads. They were so grateful for the service that we were able to give to them. Joe insisted to let him take us out for dinner on Tuesday (tomorrow). This is going to be a great opportunity for us to connect more fully with Linda and Joe. I finally am going to be able to ride in a nice car as well he owns a new BMW, Its a nice "whip" as you would call it in "da hood". So I guess my past summers working sprinklers with Jim came in handy here on my mission. Thanks Dad! Now hopefully we can get Linda and Joe baptized. As of right now they are doing their readings from the Book of Mormon and seem to enjoy our company and the Spirit that we bring into their home and life.I want to quickly give a brief description of those who are going to be baptized in the coming weeks:Jhole and Rudy: They are brothers and their mom is someone who found us as we were walking down her street. Their Mother is a member and has been a member for 20+ years and she hasn't been to church for the past 5 years, and now she has came to Church the past 2 weeks and is coming back strong and she says that she will never fall away again. The Boys are so pumped to be baptized on the 17th. Gail: She is someone that we looked up that happens to be a former investigator, she has a cousin who happens to be her best friend that has been a member for 20 years. Gail has been investigating the church for 20 years, and is so excited to be baptized on the 16th (her fathers B-day). She has a solid testimony of Joseph Smith and the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon. She is amazing.Lee: When we met Lee she didn't believe in God or anything and she was very suicidal. She told us the other day that when we met her she was thinking about going to commit suicide. Right now she reads from the Book of Mormon everyday and wants to change. She loved church yesterday, we taught her the Law of Chastity and she broke up with her Boyfriend, because he said that he cant do that. She tells us that we changed her life, and she is so thankful for us. We tell her that its not us, but it is her inner commitment to follow the example of Jesus Christ. She is solid. She is still surrounded by a lot of negative influences that live around her, but as of right now she is doing good at being an example to them and separating herself from them. She knows that she needs to be baptized, and she is committed to being baptized on the 24th of July. Well I now have to get going I am about out of time. I love all of you have a great week. I also want to congratulate my little bro Tyler on his decision that he's made to serve a mission. He is going to do great and the reward that he will receive will be an eternal reward. Wherever he is called is where he needs to be. Love Elder Doyle

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