Monday, June 21, 2010

Wow! This time that I have in my life is such a rewarding experience. The power of love that I feel each day is so very comforting and fills my heart with a small portion of love that our Father in Heaven would want me to have for his children here in NYC. As I have been dilligently working to share the gospel with others, I once again was able to have another baptism this last Saturday. The baptismal service was the most spiritual baptismal service that I have ever been too. Before she was baptized there was a talk on Baptism, and on the Holy Ghost. The talks were both spiritually uplifting, I definately was Spiritually edified on Saturday. After the talks Tinas Mother sang a song with her little 3 year old daughter. It filled Tina with tears of joy, as I glanced over at her I was so thankful for the decision that she has made to be baptized. Following her Mothers and daughters singing her and I steped out to go around to the baptismal font, we said a prayer together that was spiritually inspired before we entered the waters of baptism together. It is also a blessing in my life to be a part of her life and being able to be a messanger of Christ that was able to assist in helping her come to the truth. This past week we met this lady her name is Gale, she has a cousin who happens to be a member and her best friend in the whole world. Her cousin has introduced her to the church, Gale was never able to be baptized, she has been reading a lot of the Book of Mormon. We invited her to be baptized on Friday July 16th. After we invited her to be baptized on that day she mentioned that is her fathers birthday, but he passed away awhile back. I have never invited someone to be baptized on a friday before, I just felt strong about that date. I also mentioned her to give her cousin a call to tell her the news. I am so happy for her and her inner commitment to follow the example of Jesus Christ by being baptized by someone who holds the preisthood authority of God. She is such a special person. There is a lady named Ella that I fearlessed on the bus about 3 weeks ago, she came to church on Sunday and absolutely loved it, she is going to start coming to institute every thursday night, and she looks forward to coming to church on this next sunday. She is such an amazing person, we feel that we will invite her to be baptized pretty soon. I know that I talked to that lady for a reason that day on the bus.Earlier this past week on monday night I had a very sacred experience that I will not speak of at this time, and I will most likely share this marvelous experience with my family in the future when the time is right. If I were to say it right now it just wouldnt be right, because it was a most powerful spiritual experience. Lets just say it was an experience that I had to talk to President Nelson about because of the significance of this marvelous experience that my companion and I both had the opportunity to be a part of. We happened to be at a ladies house who has been a member for 25+ years, and hasnt been to church for 5+ years, she has a daughter that is a member and 2 younger boys that arent members, but soon to be. We have been trying to get her to church every sunday for the past little bit, and she hasnt been coming, but I know that she will be coming from now on as she was able to stand as a witness of Gods power that night when we were at her house. She showed up to church on sunday and wants us to come teach her boys on wednesday. Her boys say that they want to be baptized so we are going to Invite them to be baptized on this wednesday. I know that the power of prayer is what fills our hearts and minds with the love of God, because God is faithful, he hears and answers our prayers, and I have had the special opportunity to be a witness of this great power and love that comes through sincere prayer to our Heavenly Father. I encourage everyone to pray with more energy of heart and sincerely ask our Father in Heaven for the things that we need, and it will be given as we continually exercise our faith in him, and show our love for him as we keep his commandments and do all that we can to reach out to others of our brothers and sisters in love. I have to end it now I am out of time!
Elder Doyle

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