Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Hey everyone, This week I once again dont have much time to type up a good weekly update, but I will do my best with the time that I have. So this past week in our "Ghetto Pad" that we live in we had a serious gas leak. It is a boiler that is used to heat up the house in the winter, it hold like 800 Gallons of oil and it was leaking and our house smelt like gasoline. One night we came home and it was horrible so we called President Nelson and he made us go sleep at another "Pad". The next morning someone came to fix the leak and they put some stuff over all of the oil that leaked out and it absorbed most of the oil. So my clothes smelt like gasoline and the mission office allowed me to take all of my clothes to the Dry Cleaners, they reimbursed me for the cost on my mission card. So now all of my clothes are all nice and clean.
This week we had a good talk about repentance with Tina and she is ready to be baptized on this coming Saturday the 19th she asked for me to be the one that baptizes her, I am always honored to do that for her. She doesnt really know any of the men in the Branch, but has a lot of good girl friends within the branch. So yeah, she is someone that is so ready to be baptized and she has made a lot of big changes in her life so that she can now be baptized. I am so proud of her.
This week I received a phone call from the Assistants to the President and they said that President Nelson wants me to come to a meeting with all of the Zone Leaders, District Leaders, and a few other trainers. Bro. Allan (Director of the Missionary Dept.) came to speak to us and he shared a lot of powerful things with us that are going to help me a lot. There is a new "Preach My Gospel" that is going to be coming out next year, I am excited I cant wait, because it is going to be amazing.
There is a lady that we ran into about a 3 weeks ago, she told us that she has a daughter in Grenada that is currently meeting with the missionaries and she is going to be baptized soon. So we wanted to come and share the same message that her daughter is embracing in her life with her. We called her and she was busy the past few weeks, and on Saturday morning we were going to give her a call, and when we were about to call her she beat us to it and called us. We went over to her house right away and answered a lot of her questions, and told her about Joseph Smith and the Restoration of Christs only true church that has been restored through his power, and love for us. She told us that she believes it is true and that it makes sense to her. We are so excited for her we are going to be meeting with her tomorrow night. We are hoping that good things will come with her, and that her prayers may be answered.
There is a lot of good things happening here in East New york. I love this work and this true Church. I have to go now so I have to close quickly. I love you all!
Elder Doyle

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