Monday, July 19, 2010

Ok, so I don't have much time, but I truly have so much to say right now. so I will be as fast as I can. So let me be short with what has happened this past week, I know that last week I mentioned that my "Pad Mates" got punched in the face so yeah, they have both been transferred out of the area and they didn't bring in any new missionaries to take their place so yeah, we now have an added responsibility to teach 2 investigators that they have been working with. Elder Palmer and I are excited to work with these 2 new people and we have already made a smooth transition with Anitra, she is someone that we now have inherited into our teaching pool. So yeah now Elder Palmer and I have the whole ghetto to ourselves. I absolutely love the Ghetto this is where I belong for now.
We had an amazing week, on Friday I had the wonderful opportunity to baptize Gail Branch. On Saturday Elder Palmer and I both had the opportunity to baptize Jhole and Rudy Bradford. It was such a spiritual experience. Also this week we invited Raymond to be baptized, who happens to be one of the Bradford boys friend. Raymond has been taught everything and he is looking forward to be baptized this coming Saturday. We had to call his non-member mother to see if she is ok with Raymond being baptized. She mentioned to me as I was on the phone with her that she asked him a lot of questions about the things that we have taught him and about the importance of baptism. She told me that he is ready to be baptized and that she wants him to be baptized. So yeah on this coming Saturday both Raymond and Lee are planning on being baptized. I never thought that we would be able to get 5 baptisms in the space of 7 days. I know that they are not our baptisms, but they are people whom the Lord has prepared and placed them in our path and are ready to accept the restored gospel in their lives.
This past Thursday night we invited Ella (Star is what we call her) to be baptized on August 7th. She is currently pondering and praying about it she is looking to be promising for that date. We will always keep her in our prayers and hope that she can be willing to accept the restored gospel into her life. Ella, I don't know if I have talked to you all about her yet, but the way we found her is we were on the Bus and I went and sat down next to her and started to talk to her about what we do as missionaries. She absolutely loves the work that we do. She says that we are such spiritually and mature young men.
Tonight is going to be an amazing night we are going to an amazing restaurant in Queens with Bro. Amato, he does so much for us missionaries. We are going to eat at a place called "Park Side" it is a high class Italian restaurant. We went their once before with Bro Amato. This will be a good start to a great week that we have planned ahead of us. Maybe he feels bad that Elder Palmer and I are "Lonely Soldiers" without "Pad Mates" well Elder Palmer and I we get a long very well so we are good, but the food tonight is going to be amazing. Ha ha ha. Well it is time for me to go. I love you all so much thanks for the love and support that you all have shown me. I have been horrible at writing people, I have to get better at that. I will try to get back in the groove with writing.
Love you all!
Elder JD Doyle

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