Monday, July 19, 2010


It is such a blessing to have a little bro that is going to be joining the service of God amongst all the other young men serving their missions throughout the world. I am so excited for him, he is going to be serving in the Orlando, Florida Mission speaking Haitian Creole. It is an eternal blessing in my life that my little bro has made this great decision to serve a mission, I am a personal witness of what a mission can do to an individual as well as to others where we are called to serve. He will truly be used as an instrument in the hands of the Lord to touch the lives of others that will effect their eternal salvation.
We will be having 3 baptisms this week, my comp and I are pumped up for this week. We are going to be baptizing two future missionaries, and a lady that has a strong belief in the Book of Mormon and his restored gospel. We both feel that the Lord truly has put a lot of trust in us as we have been here in East New York. We are doing all that we can to serve others, something that I have noticed is that I have been called to serve, not to just teach. There is a great spirit that has entered into my life as I have been seeking for opportunities to serve others, I have developed such an increased love for others and have truly given myself over to the Lord and am now being used as a tool in his hands. I know that when we serve others that is what allows people to open their hearts and minds to listen to the message that we have been called to share. Through small simple acts of service we change as individuals, and make this world a better place.
Yesterday (Sunday) we went to the Bradfords house to bug bomb their house that is infested with millions of Roaches, it is disgusting how many roaches we killed yesterday. After church when we got back to her house there were still a lot of roaches crawling around, so we used the rest of the bombs. We have truly helped her get her life in order and help her family come closer together through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. She told me yesterday that she is begging to feel that she has a house of order and a house of prayer.
Lee one of our investigators who is getting baptized on the 24th got in a serious fight in the Bronx, she got her bum whooped by like 4 girls. I know that it is Satan trying to pull her into another direction to destroy her life, but she is holding strong and recognizes that it is because she is working hard to be baptized. She is such a great person who has also made such a huge turn-around in her life. We will probably go see her today to check up on her.
Speaking of fights though, our "Pad Mates" were walking down the street and there was some kids that were following them and one of them punched Elder Edwards in the head and he mentioned the he is a missionary. He is currently with another missionary who is brand new to the mission, so I am sure that he is scared as heck. Ha ha ha, President Nelson called me and told me to help them out and teach them how to avoid that from happening. SO yeah, I don't have much time left, but yeah we have a lot of work this week with getting these baptisms all ready. I love you all!
Elder Doyle

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