Friday, July 9, 2010

Hey everyone, I am so happy because transfer calls came this past week and the Lord needs me in this area still to finish the great things that have been started. What a blessing it is from the heavens above to have this great success in bringing souls back to our Loving Heavenly Father. This past week was sooooo great for our companionship. All of our 4 investigators with baptismal dates are still promising to be baptized on their current dates. So yeah we will continue to work with them. So next week we have 3 baptisms planned in 2 days for the 16th and the 17th.
Today I am doing my e-mails late today because I had to go paint a patio this morning for someone very important to us that we began working with yesterday. There is a guy from Texas that showed up to our Branch yesterday, and he came up to me after sacrament and said that I am the one that is going to bless his family. He served a mission here in NYC, and his wife is from here. His wife is the only member of her family and she said that she went to the temple and she knows that she had to come here at this time, and she realized that this is what it is for. She is going to be here for one month and her husband is going back to Texas. They are putting their full trust in the Lord that we can be able to introduce her mother to the truth.
This past week we were walking home and there was a man in the street screaming and swearing, so we looked over and there is this Spanish guy holding a lead pipe and chasing him. The guy being chased ran over to us and the Spanish guy went back to his house and this pour man started crying to us and he said that he was just trying to sale his $1 Bottle waters, and out of no where he was being beaten with a rod. It was crazy.
Also Linda one of our investigators her and Joe took us to a way nice restaurant on Monday night it was an amazing fish house. It was so good. We also helped her paint her fence on Saturday, she had a huge BBQ for us as we were painting. She grilled up Chicken, Ribs, Burgers, and NY Dogs. It was amazing. Linda and Joe are amazing people, I absolutely love them so much they are so great.
This week, early morning I received a phone call from Elder Oliverson telling me that he is on the way to the airport. I congratulated him on his success and for serving his 2 years faithfully and dedicated to the Lord. His homecoming is going to be on Sunday July 10th at 9:00 AM on Hidden Valley Rd. & Raddon Dr. located in the Bluff in Sandy. If you want to talk to him more about the mission where I am serving and stuff you can go and talk to him, but most importantly he is a great friend of mine and I really love him a lot. So you should go support him.
Well I have to get going now, I love all of you!
Elder Doyle

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