Saturday, May 1, 2010

Hey everyone! This Past week has been a good week here in Brooklyn, East New York. Elder Thieme and I have been working our very hardest to reach the high goals that we set as a companionship. This past week has also been a very interesting week. You all need to understand that here in NYC you can seriously meet any type of person that you can think of. Elder Thieme got “silly stringed” by some little girls it was funny. I only got a little on me, but Elder Thieme got slammed Ha ha ha. There is a man in our branch who is such an amazing person he was baptized back in 2008; he does so much for the missionaries. He is now the new District Mission Leader. He just barely started coming back to church. He does so much for us he takes us out to dinner, he always comes teaching with us, and he has such a solid testimony of the restored gospel. My comp and I have been going around talking to people on the street that we see dancing and we ask them to teach us dance moves, it is fun I have learned a few sweet dance moves, and it is a good way to start talking to people about the gospel. So everyone watch out I am going to be quite the dancer when I get home. Ha ha ha jk. Here in this area there is always music bumpin’ in peoples cars so loud and everywhere we walk there is always music to be heard, but the sad thing is that the music is always Rap. Elder Thieme and I got off on the subway and we were walking home and right outside of the train station there were what missionaries call “Heebie Jeebies” or Hebrew Israelites. I talked about them in the past with you all. It is a denomination of Christianity that believes that Jesus was black, and they walk around with swords wearing robes. They believe that Christ is going to come and tell them to kill all of the white people. It is a religion created out of racism towards white people, full of pure hate and anger. Keep in mind that 98% of the population here is black people. So anyways Elder Thieme and I got off of the train and we saw these “Heebie Jeebies” screaming out to everyone talking about the bible full of anger in their voices. When they saw us they started screaming that “white men are the Devil!” It was funny we just walked by keeping our cool. This week we committed Andrea to be baptized on May 8th we are hoping that it all works out so that she can be baptized on that day. We are doing all that we can for her, she absolutely wants to be baptized. We are also teaching her cousin and her little bro, and they should also be getting baptized this transfer as well we are hoping that they can be able to go down on May 15th. Last week we saw a Jamaican family moving a bed into their house but they were struggling a lot and so Elder Thieme and I helped them and they were so thankful and humbled that we came and helped them. So they wanted to hear what we had to teach and who we were. Last night we went to their house and we taught them a solid lesson and the spirit was very strong. They have never been baptized, but they have a strong belief in God, so they are going to come to church this next Sunday. We are so happy for them. So yeah there is a lot of great success that should be coming up here in East New York, I am so happy to be here it is such a huge blessing in my life to be here. Well I have to get going now I love all of you. Oh and last week I wasn’t able to write any letters because I had a lot going on Last Monday I had to go to the office to pick some things up. I love you all.
Love Elder Doyle

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  1. Hey there man. I miss you and Woodside. I hope this is your mom taking care of this, not you, but thats not important. Keep crushing it out there, and give em heaven.