Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day, I definitely had the best Mothers Day ever. I was so happy that I was able to talk to my family. I know that God is real and that he really answers prayers. As I have been praying for my family there has been some things that have happened that I have been sincerely praying for, and what a blessing that is in my life to see the blessings in the life of my family members. I love this Gospel so much, I am so thankful to be a part of this great work. So yesterday I was able to explain to my family about the guy that wanted to shoot me, ha ha ha. Well let me explain. Earlier this week my companion and I were walking down the street and there was this guy sitting outside of his house, so when we went walking by he started yelling all of this stuff about how blacks are better than white people. He then said to me. "Your white butt better not be walking around here in June or you'll get shot the heck up." The word choice was much more provocative, I just dont want to publish that. Anyways... I told him that there is no worries. He then was angry that I spoke to him, he replied "As a matter of fact I am going to shoot you up right now." He got up out of his chair and quickly started walking over to me. When I saw that my companion started walking away quickly, I then turned and walked right back to the man and said, "We are missionaries and we go around and talk to people about God and Jesus Christ, we are not here to cause trouble or start trouble. We are here to serve others." His heart was immediately softened and he said, "Oh, are you one of them Latter-Day Saints?" I told him yes we are. He then Turned and walked right back to where he was sitting. It was a funny story. I had fun. Anyways I really dont have time to e-mail much today. Today we went to the Jehovah's witness' head-quarters here in Brooklyn, it was fun, but it took a long time. So I have to wrap this up. Today I also talked to President Nelson to see if it would be ok if my little brother Tyler could come out and spend a week with me in the mission field one week before he goes into the MTC. My President thinks it would be a great idea, and he would personally allow it to happen, he just haves to talk to the MTC, and see if that would be Ok. So I think that it is going to happen and I am so excited. Well I have to go now I love you all.

Love Elder Doyle

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