Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Hey!!! Its me again, Elder Doyle reporting from Brooklyn, NY. I am doing so great out here in this part of the world, at this current time. I love this city. It can get crazy at times though. So This week Elder Thieme and I decided to start up on a diet. Brother Amato from the branch that we are serving in gave us a Juicer. So we started this diet on juicing and we are not going to eat at fast food restaurants, or eat fatty foods. For breakfast we eat oats every morning with some fresh fruits and vegetables from the juicer. It works out so perfect. We have a lot more energy through out the day. Also every morning this whole transfer we have been working out like crazy, we either go run 2 miles every morning or do this crazy ab workout from P90X (workout program) then we do our biceps and shoulders. We also use the perfect push-up, so if I can keep this up, by the time I come back home I will be in good shape. I sure hope that is the case.This transfer so far Elder Thieme and I have found so many people that we are teaching, but it is harder here to get those people to progress, because they have a lot of things going on in there life, and I am serving in a really rough area, if you know what I mean (crime, and drugs). It is a fun area to serve in though because I meet so many crazy people here ha ha. Out here in this area we set up what we call “Media Tables,” we stand out with a table with all of the free DVD's that we offer to people and we made a big sign that says “FREE JESUS DVD'S!” We have the people gather around and write down their name address and phone number. The “Media Tables” are somewhat productive ways to find people, but it mostly attracts the type of people that just want free stuff, which happens to be about everyone here in East New York. The other day as we were doing a “Media Table” there was a guy that walked up and he signed his name and wrote that he wanted a free Bible, he then started to walk away, I explained to him that we need all of his information so that we can bring one to him. He replied,”I'm homeless” I felt really bad, but he was so sincere about growing closer to our Father in Heaven, I then just gave him a free Bible and told him to enjoy it. I hope this guy can use it and read it. The mission is so much fun when you really go out there and give it all that you've got. The spiritual experiences that I have experienced out here are eternal blessings of happiness.
So this week coming up it is going to be Mothers Day, I finally get to talk to my Family again. I love my family so much they have been so great to me as I have been out here. I am hoping to have more time to talk to my sister Ashley this time, because on Christmas I only spoke to her for a few minutes. I do look forward to speaking to each member of my family. Well It is about time for me to get going, I love all of you! Have a good week, and may everything that you all do help you grow closer to our loving Heavenly Father. Remember to always be Prayerful and humble with all that you do.
Love Elder Doyle

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