Monday, May 24, 2010

Hey everyone... Wow this week had been such an amazing week and all the hard work has been paying off. I will start out by talking to you about the wonderful experience that we as a mission were blessed with to hear from Elder Ringwood of the 70, he is truly a man that has been called of God to serve in the current position he is in. He is a spiritually inspired person who speaks with such power and energy of heart. I have been spiritually uplifted and edified by the powerful messages that I have heard from him this past week. President Nelson picked 5 missionaries for Elder Ringwood to have a personal interview with, I have been blessed to have been one of those 5 missionaries to get to know Elder Ringwood on more of a personal level. When I walked in the room to meet with him he called on me to pray before we began, As I was praying I prayed that him and I both may be spiritually uplifted and edified as we speak, and that we may be able to talk on a spiritually high level that we may feel Gods love for the both of us at that time. It was truly an honor to speak to him. I will remember the distinct spiritual feeling that I felt as I met with this great servant of the Lord. This week I received a phone call from the Assistance to the President and they said that President Nelson needed to meet with me the next day after Zone Conference about transfers. So I went and met with him and he pulled me in his office and he explained that he has a lot of trust in me as a missionary and he expressed his sincere love that he has for me, and he said that God has once again called me to serve as a Trainer this next transfer. He explained that I did a wonderful job with Elder De Ogny and that God needs me to serve and train again, so yeah I am going to be staying here in East New York, Brooklyn. He also explained that not a lot of missionaries are called to serve as a trainer 2 times in their mission. I am excited to embark in this great service to my future companion coming straight from the MTC. It is a blessing to have this responsibilityity to serve the missionaries here in this mission.This past Saturday, I was once again blessed to have another Baptism, I was able to perform the baptismal ordinance on this great young lady Jinae Moss. I love the feeling that I get when I baptize someone. Her baptism went smooth and she was confirmed by Elder Thieme the next day. There were a few other things that I would like to talk to you all about today, but I am about out of time so I need to get going here. I love each and everyone of you, and I know that this is the greatest experience that I have ever had, being in the service of the Lord.
Love Elder Doyle

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