Monday, April 19, 2010

Hello everyone, I want you all to know that transfers went great, and I know that right now I am where I know that I am supposed to be. Right now I am serving in Brooklyn in the most “hood” as others would say in our whole mission area, it is a town called East New York. My companion is the person that I would probably want to be companions with more than anyone right now, it is my companion from the MTC Elder Thieme. I am in a zone with only Elders because it is a rough area to live, with a lot of shootings and robberies so they don’t let any of the sister missionaries serve here. So I am serving in the “Man Zone” is what they call it. Right now we don’t have anyone committed with a baptismal date, but we should find a few this week. Usually when Missionaries serve here in East New York, one of the companions are usually Black (I hope that doesn’t sound racist, that is just how it is). So I am here with a white companion, but we haven’t had any troubles yet. I feel that I connect with these people a lot better than I ever have connected with any other group of people here on my mission.Here in East New York when we do “Train Shouts” people are a lot more receptive, I feel like I am serving where the Lord has prepared the hearts of many that are now ready to receive the message and apply the teachings to their lives. People here are a lot more humble compared to my last area. I was so excited when I got called to serve here in East New York, I was pumped. Right now I am serving in a Branch, so there aren’t as many members that attend church on Sundays. The branch that I attend there are like 5 white people (which I find that to be really neat). We don’t get food as much from the members here, but I think that is good, it gives us more time to work with our investigators and more time to find people to teach, but I spend more time cooking, but that should be a good thing.This past week we started teaching this gal in a home with a lot of people that live within the home, so Elder Thieme and I invited everyone to come and listen to our message. We now are teaching 4 people in the home that are progressing their way to baptism. So we are hoping to have a few baptismal commits at the end of this week. I think that we are going to have a lot of success this transfer considering that I don’t have any extra responsibilities such as training or other leadership positions in the mission. Elder Thieme and I we are a POWER HOUSE companionship, we both work hard and we work great together considering that we came out on the mission together. Him and I are great friends and we have such a great desire to work diligently and obedient as we are embarking in this great work of the Lord. On Sunday the younger gal that Elder De Ogny and I were teaching got baptized, so I am thankful that I was able to get him a baptism at the beginning of his mission that always feels good. I know that I am absolutely going to love this area and that I should have a lot of great success here. It is a fun area!I know that there is nowhere else that I would rather be than right here where I am right now serving the Lord with my full energy of heart here in NYC. When all is said and done after this life we will all come to a greater understanding that there is no greater purpose in life than to preach the gospel. So keep that in mind and let us all live by example and we will begin to see the great blessings that we can be to help others return to live to our Father in Heaven. We are all here on Earth right now on our own personal journey through life, but this gospel isn’t only for us it is for everyone so we need to help bring the peace and happiness that comes from it into others lives. Thank you all for your support. I am working on catching up on my letters I am way behind I haven’t written anyone for like 3 weeks. So I am sorry I love you all. ELDER DOYLE

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