Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Hey everyone, I only have 10 min left on the computer, I received a few long e-mails from members of my family. And oh is it so good to hear from them. I know that my family is the most important people to me in my life.

So this week transfer calls came, and yes I am leaving. I am going to a new area in the mission. I am hoping to go to somewhere in Brooklyn. I love NYC. Well today is going to consist of packing and getting all ready for tomorrow to meet my new companion and enter my new home, and meet my people of my new ward family somewhere else here in the mission.

I have said bye to a lot of people that I have learned to love so much. I am sad about it, I am hoping to be able to stay in contact with these people throughout my life. This morning after we did our laundry, a member in a ward took us to the gym and to a way nice Brazilian Steakhouse, All you can eat. OHHH!!! It was so good.

Well I am going to end it right here and I am sorry I am so bad, but next week and the next little bit I am sure that I will have a lot to say. SO yeah, Keep in touch everyone!


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