Monday, April 5, 2010

Hey guys! Sorry I forgot to post last weeks post... I guess it's better later than never right? -Ashley

Hey everyone I am sorry that last week was a short and horrible weekly update. So lets hope and pray that this one can be a lot better. First off as I am sitting here I have been reflecting back on my life and came to a realization of the times that I have had in my life and I am thankful for all of them, even the bad ones. Why? Because those hard times where what changed me into a complete different person. I know that everyone has certain challenges and hard things that they have to deal with in there life, but they need to be thankful for those times, because if they put there full trust in the Lord they will become the person that they truly desire to be. I know that through my experiences that I have had in my life it has brought me to come on a mission to share the blessings that come from the gospel with others. Yesterday I got up to bear my testimony to everyone in the ward that I have learned to love so much and to learn so much from these past 7 months. I got up to establish that this is going to be my last time being able to stand in front of them to bear my testimony. As I was standing there sharing my testimony on missionary work I gained a better understanding that when all is said and done there truly is no greater cause in life than to preach the Gospel to others. I know that I have gained a knowledge and a greater understanding of Gods plan for me through my faith and trust in him.

This past week John Rivera my last baptism, he recently found a job. That is so good for him, Josh and Lenni my two best friends moved out of the ward to go to Harlem, I am sad but I love them so much and we will be keeping in touch through out our life. This past week We ran into a man who was past out drunk in front of our church and his girlfriend was crying and we felt that this guy needed help. So I went to the neighbors houses to try to find this guy some water and we kept running back and forth to the neighbors and giving him water to help him. He called us the next day and recognized us as representatives of Jesus Christ and thanked us for all that we did for him. It really felt good to help this guy out.

I cant believe it but I am actually almost out of time again. Whoops. Sorry! Just real quick I want to remind all of you to watch General Conference this weekend. I am so excited to hear these words of counsel that I am going to be receiving from the prophet and apostles. So remember to write down some questions and to pray about them that they may be answered through the mouths of the Prophets and Apostles. I know that you will find the answers to all your questions. I cant believe that I have been in this same area for 2 day light savings and 2 General Conferences that is crazy. But I really do have to go now. Please forgive me. I know I am horrible. I just wish I had more time. I love you all and I am thankful for all of you to read my updates, most importantly for your support.

Love Elder Doyle

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