Monday, April 4, 2011

Weekly Update 04-04-11

    This weekend has been an incredible one for me personally, it is my prayer that most of you if not all of you feel the same, as the influence of the Spirit was powerfully carried into my heart as I intently listened to the words of counsel that has been given to the world. I can truly say with honesty of heart that I now know my Savior Jesus Christ even better than before. I now know of the true importance of seeking an eternal companion and not procrastinating taking one of the Lords chosen daughters to His house and there be sealed for time and all eternity. This is my desire and I know it is in the near future.
    We had a lot of investigators come and attend conference this past weekend and I know that they all felt the spirit in a special way as they each have expressed their gratitude towards us by inviting them to attend. Our work is definitely on an uphill rise as our teaching pool is growing and as we are continually striving to work harder and do better day after day. I know this is my calling to share His gospel with the Lord for as long as I live. This church is true, and I will declare that His church has been restored through the Prophet Joseph Smith. Anyone can know this as they specifically pray in faith to our Loving Father about His restored church. 
     I cannot and will not hide the things that I know, this is the truth and the joy that enters into ones life as they apply the teachings to their life that is found in the fullness/restored Gospel. This same joy is what I desire for all to experience and that is why I am here doing this sacred work.
     I cant believe that I have sent a letter out every week of my mission. I look forward to doing this every week. This week is going to be a short one. I love you all and I pray that you all may be able to reflect again on the inspired heaven sent messages that were given this past weekend. 

Love, Elder JD Doyle

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