Monday, April 18, 2011

Weekly Update 04-18-11

Hello to all of my wonderful family members and friends. Well another week has gone by and a lot more has happened in my life as a missionary. It is amazing how much can happen in one week. This week has brought much happiness into my life in which I know that I have been lifted higher than I was before. It is a continual process and I am being lifted higher and higher as each day goes by.
I will start with the crazy events that occurred this past week. This past week on Tuesday night I got a call from the sister missionaries in my zone asking for help. They said that there has been some guys that have been trying to get into their apartment for the prior 3 days before they called me. They called me after 2 of the sisters were at home and the other sisters were away, and the 2 guys got inside of their building and knocked at their apartment door. They were trying to open the door and get inside of their room, but they went and turned off all of the lights and hid inside one of the bedrooms. They were all so terrified, so my companion and I went over to their house and I was able to get in touch with President Nelson and he advised me stay there until the Police showed up and had me ask certain questions to the Police. The following morning I got a phone call from Elder Brownell, he is in charge of all the apartments in the mission. He is one of my good buddies, and a wonderful senior couple missionary. He said that we have to get the sisters out of their apartment today as directed from President Nelson. On that day we had a lot of great appointments scheduled and for some reason every single one called and canceled on us. So we took the day helping the sisters move into another apartment. It was comforting to know that they are safe now and that nothing is going to happen to them. Some guys here in NYC are just crazy.
Now it is time to share with you all the remarkable events that have occurred. Bettina is for sure going to be baptized on this coming Sunday, she is solid and is certain that she is going to be baptized. Now for Kevin and Melissa, Kevin is looking great, but his older sister Melissa is starting to question, but she tells us that she knows the Book of Mormon is true, she is just nervous to make this commitment. We are praying for her, but Kevin says that he is pretty sure that he is going to be baptized this coming Sunday, so we will just have to see how it all works out. Things change, so we cant be certain about anything. I know that the Lords will will be done. It will be a great opportunity to have those three be baptized on Easter Sunday.
This past week on Saturday we had a wonderful lesson with a lady, her name is Jamel, she is awesome. We invited her to be baptized on May 8th, on Mothers day. She accepted and she is going to prepare herself to be baptized on that day. We are also working with a lot of other people whom are near ready for baptism. We are hoping for the best, we constantly stand in need of the Lords help and guidance at all times.
This week is transfer calls, I am thinking that I am going to be the one staying and that Elder Hunter is going to be the one leaving, we will just have to wait and see, but there is only one other option to where they could send me to be a Zone Leader and there are a few options to where they could send Elder Hunter, so that is why we are thinking that he is going to be the one leaving and that I am going to be the one staying. I hope that I get to stay here and to continue working with these wonderful people. I am known to stay in areas for a long time so I hope that can carry on. I am sad that Elder Hunter and I have to split up soon, we have had so many great experiences that we have to share together throughout the rest of our lives. We worked hard and we helped a lot of people come closer to their Savior Jesus Christ. We both learned a lot from each other, and I know that we will continue to learn a lot from each other as we are currently planning on being roommates at college.
I love you all and I want you all to know and feel of the great power that one can feel when we share the gospel with others. Remember to seek for opportunities to share the gospel with those around you, and when the moment comes for you to open your mouth to share the gospel you will be filled with power that is great, "And I will give unto him strength such as is not known among men." Is what the Lord promises us in D&C 24:12 as we open our mouths to share the gospel. Power that is not known among men is truly something that I feel that I have experienced as I have diligently declared the restored gospel to the Lords precious children here in NYC. I love sharing the gospel and I know that it is some thing that I will do for the rest of my life because I know it is true, and I am planning on sharing the gospel throughout the eternities. I love you all, it is my prayer that you all may be watched over and guided throughout your life.
Love Elder JD Doyle

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