Thursday, August 26, 2010

Well, as you all know that I am currently in a area where there hasnt been missionaries for awhile due to violent actions towards the missionaries. So yeah I dont really know the area very well, but that didnt stop us from being guided by the Spirit as we were sincerely seeking for his guidance to direct us towards his prepared Children. So yeah I am in an area that is living in poverty. A few transfers back the missionaries that were in this area left the "Area Book" in the clerks office and all of the papers in it were completely shredded. Those of you who know what the area book is, knows that it would be rough with and area book with nothing in it. So yeah that is what we are working with, but we have reorganized everything that we have to make it the best that we can. We also completely organized the entire area. We have about 300 Less Active members that we are going to be visiting, and I am sure that we can bring people back to church and baptize those who are living with these less active members. We are also doing all that we can to find people to teach as we travel, by talking to as many people as we possibly can. I absolutely love talking to people on the trains, buses and on the streets it is so much fun. You seriously meet so many awesome people here, everyone of them with different life experiences and stories.This past week my new companion Elder Jones, from Kentucky, who just recently got here to NYC straight from the MTC. We had a great first week together. We had a miracle happen this week as we were out looking people up on our 2nd night together we heard a man yell out to us "Elders!" We looked out and noticed it was a younger man in a wheelchair with his wife pushing him as they were walking their Dog. Their names are Guiseppe and Natalia, they invited us to turn around and go back to their home, we headed back to their home, which had very little inside, but they are so thankful for the little that they have. SO yeah we talked to them about what we do and they told us about their life story, which was so touching. I don't have much time to explain about that, but anyways we have been meeting with them everyday pretty much. They are truly feasting upon the words of Christ and are hungering to know more about the restored gospel. We invited them to be baptized for September 11, and they were so willing to accept that invitation. They even want to be baptized sooner than that, but we feel that gives us more time to work with them and gives them more opportunities to come to church. They came to church yesterday and absolutely loved it. After we met them the next day someone stole his wheelchair, but he said that he will walk to church, which he can barely walk. We picked them up to walk with them on Sunday, but I called a member to come pick them up as we were walking and it worked out perfect. They seemed to enjoy church and we are going to be meeting with them tonight.I am almost out of time, but my first week as District Leader was great I was asked to speak in Zone Meeting and I feel that I shared a very spiritual talk on how we can have the Spirit to be more with us in this work. A lot of the missionaries enjoyed my talk. Well I am about out of time so I have to go, but I still have more to say, but that's ok I write all of the other details in my journal so that these experiences aren't forgotten. I love you all Thanks for everything. Elder JD DOYLE

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