Monday, August 2, 2010

I truly am and will be eternally grateful for this spiritually rewarding experience that I am currently having at such a critical point in my life. The experiences that I have had thus far on my mission have been life changing experiences. Words cant explain how sincerely thankful I am to my Heavenly Father for giving me this opportunity to serve amongst these precious souls that I have been called to serve.
This past week I have encountered a few challenges that I would like to talk about. First I was a little sick the last half of this past week, but I endured the sickness to best of my ability to do this sacred work. We turned out to have a very productive week despite the illness issues that I was having which brought much fatigue into my life as a missionary. Another Challenge that we encountered was with Anitra, one of our investigators that was supposed to be baptized this coming week on the 7th. The thing that prevented her from getting baptized was such a small issue but a big one for her. It is simply the fact of a "Baptismal Interview", who would have thought that a baptismal interview would prevent someone from being baptized. She is just very nervous about making this drastic change in her life, but she knows that it is the right thing for her to do. She wants to continue to meet with us, which is great. So we are going to talk to her about it this coming Wednesday. So we are currently shooting to have her baptized the following week on the 14th of August. So yeah those are a few of the small challenges that we encountered. ha ha ha.
This week my companion and I also had the rewarding experience to go eat at Elder and Sister Adolphson's home, they are a senior couple that I came out with, and they are going home on Saturday. They served a 1 year mission. They mentioned that they have only fed missionaries one other time on their mission. I was happy to hear that I was able to be one of the few missionaries to have that experience with them. They are a couple that I truly look up to in a lot of ways. They are also currently serving in the East New York Branch, but yesterday was their last Sunday in the Branch. I will miss them, but soon enough I will be visiting them in Alpine, UT when I return.
Yesterday I had to opportunity to Confirm Nicholas a member of the Church and confer the Gift of the Holy Ghost upon him. He is such a good kid. I am thankful for those opportunities to utilize the truly sacred authority of the Priesthood. The desire of my heart is full to utilize the authority of which I have been given to bless the lives of others. Wherever and whoever they may be. I am always continually seeking for opportunities to serve those around me.
Earlier in the week, I had an Interview with President Nelson and he talked to me about having me stay here in East New York, but to take over the other area where their are currently no missionaries, due to the fight they had weeks back. There is nothing to worry about though, I am sure that I will be getting a huge companion, and if not I will be fine either way. All it takes is someone with confidence and with the ability to talk to everyone around you. SO I am going to be saying "hi" to everyone that is placed on my path as I already do. He is not certain yet, President Nelson said that he is going to continue to pray about it, but for now that is what he is thinking about doing. So yeah I am positive that this is what is going to happen. The only sad part about this is that Elder Palmer and I are going to be split up, we had such an amazing time together having much success, but we are going to finish up this transfer with hopefully 3 more baptisms in these next 2 weeks.
Last night we went to Lee's home and visited with her, and she said that this is what she needs to do and be baptized. We are planning on baptizing her this coming Saturday on the 7th. So yeah next week I should be including in my weekly update the fact that Lee Serrano was baptized. I am so happy and excited for her, I know that this is a critical turning point in her life. It is a time to separate herself from all of the negative influences around her. She has made such a change in her life thus far and it is amazing to see this noticeable change in ones life as they intently seek to know the will of our Father in Heaven. I know that the Spirit will bring so much comfort and lead her to experience a continual change throughout the rest of her life.
As for Ella a.k.a. "Star" she is still working towards being baptized on the 14th. She expressed her sincere thanks for all of the things that we have done for her. I am honored to serve such a great women who is currently in the midst of so many challenges in her life. She is a fun person to work with. A good ol' Jamaican lady that she is.
Well that is about it for this past week for me. I am again so very thankful for these experiences that I've had. I would also like to express my happiness and excitement that I have for my little Bro, Tyler Doyle. He was able to go through the Temple this past Friday and receive his endowments. I know that his spirituality will be significantly enlightened because of these new covenants that he recently made with his Father in Heaven. I am proud of you Bro, I love you so much. You are my best friend. I LOVE YOU. I also want to mention that I love each of you individually especially my wonderful family and extended family that I have been blessed with in my life. I also love each of my friends, I am sure that there has been a drastic change in the each of your lives since I have been out on my mission. "Change" is the essence to Life. I love you all.
Love your brother, friend and son. ELDER "JD" DOYLE

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