Monday, August 16, 2010


Today is really going to be a short one, this time I promise it wont be long. A lot has happened and I have a lot to talk about, but I was in the middle of e-mailing my family and I got a bit carried away with the time that I have. This past week I have had once again many experiences. It is funny, because things never seem to go as planned, but in the end it always seems to work out as you are giving it all that you've got and doing all that you can do. I remember mentioning last week that Lee Serrano was going to be baptized this past week on the 7th. Well... She needs a little more time, she tells us that she wants to be baptized and that this is what she knows that she needs to do, but she is struggling with a few things that withholds her from being baptised. We will continue to work with her. Who knows she might be baptized this week. As for Anitra the one that said she wont be baptized because she doesn't feel comfortable with the baptismal interview. Well we talked with her on Wednesday night and I mentioned that I failed to mention the importance of why we have baptismal interviews before one is baptized. She felt much more comfortable, and knows that the Book of Mormon is true. She said that she wants to be baptized, but that she wanted to be baptized on the 7th. So yeah on Saturday I was able to baptise Anitra and Elder Palmer confirmed her a member of the Church. So yeah it all worked out. Now since I have to cut this weekly update a little short, I will tell you all about some funny experiences that I had this past week. Elder Palmer and I were discriminated on for being white twice this week. We were on the bus and of course we were the only white people on the bus. There was this man (one of the biggest men that I have ever seen) this man must have been raging from all the steroids (no joke). He was huge, literally huge. He was getting loud on the bus and said in his words, " I need some men, some real men, black men. I am sick of all of these white crackers in my neighborhood." He then turned to me "What are you doing in my Neighborhood?" I replied, "This is where I belong, God sent me here." He was out of hand there was a black lady that was mad at the things he was saying and he got in her face and was trying to put us down. It was crazy. He got off at the next stop and I told him that I love him, he didn't believe me though, but its true I do love him. That story that I shared is without all of the foul language that he was using towards us and towards others, it was crazy. It is my Dads B-Day tomorrow, I love you Dad. Well I wish I had more time to type but I only have one min Left so I have to go now. I love you all! Love, Elder Doyle

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