Monday, March 1, 2010

Hello everyone, this week has been such an exciting week. I have a lot to explain to each of you. I know that I told all of you that I was going to be transferred this transfer, the reason why I said that is because everyone that I came out with left there 1st area last transfer, besides one other Elder who is serving in East New York (the ghetto). So I thought for sure I was going to be gone this transfer, I was even saying bye to everyone.

Well …. On Friday I was on my way to district meeting, I was waiting for the subway when my mission President, President Nelson called me. His words were; “Elder Doyle, this is President Nelson, are you somewhere that we can talk for a second?” I then explained that I was waiting for the train, and on my way to district meeting. He replied; “I know that you have been in Astoria for 4 transfers already, and that is a long time, I need you to stay there for at least one more transfer. I know that this doesn’t happen with a lot of missionaries for this being your first area, but I need you to train, this transfer. Can you do that for me?” I told him that I would love to do whatever it is that the Lord wants me to do. He then explained what responsibilities come when you train a brand new “greenie” straight from the MTC. He said that I have to work my very hardest that I have ever worked my whole mission, but I feel that I have been working my hardest for most of this whole time. I know that I have to work even harder. President Nelson explained that I have to be obedient with exactness and that this new missionaries rest of his mission is on my head, and that I have to work him like crazy and do everything right.

It is crazy I thought for sure that I was gone and that my current companion was staying, but it went the other way around. I am staying and my companion Elder Saeyang is gone, he had just barely learned the area, him being here for only one transfer (6 weeks). He was bummed that he had to leave because he loves this area.

What is going to make this next transfer so great is not only am I going to work my very hardest that I have ever worked for something, but my "pad mate" he is a spanish speaking Elder, Elder Norris. He is also going to be training, so we are going to be living with 2 “greenies” and we are going to be working out bums off! I feel that President Nelson has a lot of trust in me. It has been an answer to my prayers, I have been praying that I can have a new mind set with a new motivation that can influence me to work my very hardest I only want to work harder and harder. I know that this is an answer to my prayers. I am so excited for this new transfer and for this new responsibility that I have.

I know that God truly does answer prayers, I see it so much. He hears my prayers and he answers them. I read a great quote this past week in a book that was sent to me by my Mom. It was when Elder Holland was on his mission and he got a letter from his Grandpa, his Grandpa told him that "If you are thinking about home then you are not working hard enough." These past few days I haven't been thinking about home at all, but I am always praying for each of you individually every night so no worries about that.

Well I am not going to write anymore on this weekly update, because I am sure that I will be writing a lot these next 6 weeks. I am sure that this new missionary wants to work hard and that he is going to be motivated, I am going to work him dead. I am so excited, it will bring back the memories when I first got out here and it was my first day. I went from the mission office and took my baggage to the Pad and got right to work. I know that he has a lot of mixed feelings right now. I am going to love this missionary and show him how to do Gods work the right way, the way God wants his work to get done. I hope that I can get this kid a few baptisms this transfer, but it is going to require a lot of hard work. I have to go now I love you all!

Elder Doyle

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