Monday, March 15, 2010

Hey everyone, I want you to know that I am having the greatest experiences here in New York. I am thankful for the love of God that I feel as I am faithfully willing to submit myself to his will no matter what. I know that it can be hard sometimes to do that, but my faith is continually increasing. My love for the people here is increasing as I have been praying that I might be able to develop that Christlike love for the people here in NYC. As I have been developing this greater love my desire to share the gospel with everyone is increasing stronger and stronger. As I have been developing this greater love I have been able to express it to others with more sincerity of heart. Others notice and feel that I truly love them and they want to hear at least what I have to say.Elder DeOgny and I have built more of a Solid teaching pool and now we are going to do all that we can to help these people understand and feel the love that God has for them, and that they may be able to see and feel Gods loving hand guide them in their life. We have been praying and fasting that we may be able to receive the necessary guidance that we need as missionaries to be lead to those people who the Lord has prepared for us, and that are ready to accept our true message of the savior and his restored church. We stand and testify with love everyday of the truthfulness and fullness of the Gospel that has been restored and is now whole for each of us to read ponder and pray about. This week we werent able to get Bishop and Saeed to church. We have been doing all that we can for them. We went there this week and their Grandma wasn’t so certain about allowing these boys to be baptised. We sat her down and explained with Boldness of the authority that our church has and that Christ’s church is back in the fullness for everyone to take upon themselves fully the name of Christ. We asked the boys right in front of her how they feel about the things that we have taught them. They both said that they believe the things that we have taught them, and that they wanted to be baptised. I then turned to Pat (grandma) and I told her; “Pat you have your own faith and they have theirs, now allow these two great boys to follow their hearts and what they believe. Don’t keep them from following their true feelings.” I feel that when I said that to her, her heart was softened. We went back a few nights after that and brought them some cookies that we made for them with a little note. We brought one of the young men from the ward with us. She invited us in when we got there and we asked her what she is doing on a Friday night. Our goal was to go out and do something fun with the boys. She allowed us to take the boys out and go get some pizza so that is what we did. It was fun to spend some quality time with these boys.We feel that we worked to hard on the grandma this past week that we kinda lost track of the boys and their progress, so this week we are going to work hard and get them back into reading and praying more. I know that this is going to be a miracle if these boys get baptized this transfer, but I know that this mission experience is full of miracles and I have already seen many miracles and there are more to see as I am here. I don’t think much about home anymore, I feel that I am now more focused than I ever have been on this work and I am ready to work even harder than I am now. I really have been doing my best though, but I want to do more. One thing that I don’t have enough of is Time, I feel that I need more time while I am here. So I will do my best with the short time that I have here.I love you all and I am thankful for the opportunity that I have every week to write this weekly update for all of you to read. Love you all!
Elder Doyle

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