Monday, February 1, 2010

Hey everyone!!! Again this week is going to be short, but at the same time it might be a little funny. So I will start out with the funny part first. So last week I talked about how my companion and I set some high goals for this transfer. So we got talking about how we are going to reach those goals that we have set. We had a really good talk and it got me thinking… So I asked him what he would think if I were to jump on the train and just start talking out to everyone (people do it all the time anyways trying to make money). He said if I have the courage to do that then I totally should. So I jumped on the train the next morning and I asked, “Should I do it?” He replied, “Yeah! Do it.” So I was a little nervous at first considering there are like 100 people on the train but they could all hear me if I were to talk out to everyone. So I questioned him again and asked if I should do it, he replied “if you are going to question yourself then its too late.” So then I just talked out to everyone on the train, “Brothers and Sisters, we are missionaries and we are here to help any of you who are willing to grow closer to our father in heaven by helping them learn of the fullness of the gospel. I know that this is the life for us to prepare ourselves to meet God, and we are here to help you prepare yourselves for that. We are also giving out free DVD’s about Christ. So we are going to come through the train and hand out information to any of you who want a free DVD. We are also willing to talk to you about anything that you might need help with in your life. We are not here for us we are here for you. We love you and we are here to serve you. Thank you!” So yeah that is very close to the words that I said when I jumped on the train and talked out to everyone on it. At first I was so nervous but once I opened my mouth I was comforted and I could tell who was interested and who wasn’t. It was way fun I did that 2 times on that day and I am still doing it. It is an adrenaline rush. We found 2 new investigators and that makes it so much worth it. It is crazy because when you jump on the train and start talking about Christ, there are going to be people on the train who are Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, or people who belong to another Christian denomination. It is fun though. Ha ha ha.This week we had 2 new Elders move into our “pad” is what we call them here. So now its not so lonely there are 4 of us. It is fun, they are Spanish speaking elders so I am getting better at my Spanish, at least trying to I should say.The last thing that I want to share with each of you is about one of our investigators, her name is Karina Wadoupps. Her husband is a member and he went on a mission to the Dominican Republic. He has been inactive since 1997 and has now been coming to church since Christmas. We went and visited them after the first time we saw them at church. That was back a few days after Christmas day. So we have been visiting with them once a week because we want to build trust with them and with Karina so that she can trust us missionaries and get to know us better. They have the best family with 3 cute little kids one is 6 and one is 4, with another new born baby. Her 6 year old son is so smart and has started to read the book of Mormon everyday. They now pray together as a family every morning and night. They look forward to going to church every Sunday. So this week we told her that we are here to help her to come to the knowledge of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon, and to help her with any of the concerns that she may have. So we then asked her if she would be willing to allow us to teach her the lessons that she needs to know to understand the fullness of the gospel. She was more than willing to allow us to do that, she began to cry and totally opened up with us. We are so excited for her and we hope that she can be baptized within these next few weeks or so. We are always praying for her and we see a lot of good things in the future for this great family. They really are so awesome. Karina’s Husbands name is John and John has received a new calling to be a teacher in Elders quorum, He is excited for his calling and he gave an awesome lesson last week in church.This is another part of what this work is about is by helping families be eternal and forever, because that is what God wants for each of us. I know that Karina is going to be baptize and that they will be an eternal family. My faith is there and I love them so much. I know that This is going to be an eternal blessing for that family.Now I have to go sorry I am out of time and I have to close this one short, but I love and miss all of you!
Love, Elder Doyle

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