Thursday, January 28, 2010

Hello everyone. Sorry about last weeks weekly update, I am sure that it was horrible. I was so distracted with all of the little kids around me swearing up a storm. It was buggin like crazy. I feel bad when I see kids so young just swearing like crazy. I had to get out of that place.
Yesterday I had the opportunity to confirm John as a member of the Church and to have him receive the Holy Ghost. I also was asked by a lady in church to give her son a blessing because he was sick. It was a great experience to be able to utilize the priesthood a lot yesterday. I felt the Spirit a lot and I felt good to perform those blessings. Yesterday I was also asked to give the lesson in Gospel Principals class, because the lady that was supposed to teach it didn’t show up. So I was prepared and I felt that I gave a very good spiritual lesson.
I also received a new companion this past week he is such a cool guy I know that him and I are going to do great this transfer together. I am now with my third companion. My new companions name is Elder Saeyang (say.yang). He is the coolest guy he is so humble and always very sincere about what he says. We have set some high goals for ourselves this transfer we set a goal to get 3 baptisms as a companionship within these next 6 weeks. We are going to do this through much prayer and much faith by allowing the Lords hand to guide us to those 3 people who are ready to accept the message that we have to share. I have a very good feeling about reaching this goal. We have another baptism that should be coming up soon. Her name is Karina, she is so ready to be baptized she has come to church for the past 6 weeks in a row. Her husband is a member and has now just started to come back to church. We love their family so much, they are seriously such an amazing family. So we are praying that we can help them get back into the church and have her get baptized so that they can become one step closer to having an eternal family.

One thing that I am a little bit bummed out about is that I found out that the Vikings lost in overtime. Dang the Vikings are my team, I also heard that they won the game, but they just had too many turnovers. Dad, I am sorry that they lost I am sure that you were watching the game. I am bummed that I didn’t get to watch it, Oh well…
Sometimes I feel that I am always repeating myself in these weekly updates to you all. I hope that most of you enjoy them and that you all may come to feel of this great work that is constantly moving forward. It is your decisions if you want to be a part of this work, by fulfilling your church callings. By fulfilling your church callings I know that your lives will be blessed, because that communicates to the Lord that you love him and you care about this work. There are many ways to serve others. So always look for ways to help those around you, and you will feel good about yourself as you do that.
That is all that I have to say for this week I love you all.

Elder Doyle

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