Thursday, January 21, 2010

Hello everyone. I am currently at an internet lounge, because the library is closed, because of Martin Luther Kind Jr. Day. It is way distracting I am surrounded with little kids playing World of Warcraft, and they are swearing up a storm, so it is hard for the Spirit to dwell here as I am typing this weekly update to you all. So I pray and hope that I can be able to block out all of the distractions that I am currently surrounded by and type up a spiritual weekly update for you all to read. I am so thankful for this past week, I had a lot of success as a missionary and we had the opportunity to have another Baptism this transfer, his name is John Rivera. He asked me to baptize him. So I was honored to have him be my first time baptizing someone. It truly was such a great experience to have the opportunity to baptize someone. So our transfer calls came on on saturday night and Elder Werner is going to be transferred and I am staying. We will find out on tuesday where he is going and who my new companion is going to be. We had a good transfer with 2 baptisms. I am pumped for this next transfer and to be the leader in this area to introduce other missionaries to this area. So I will be in this area for at least another 6 weeks. This past week there was a huge earthquake in Haiti, I am sure that most of you know that, one of my recent converts Margaret is from Haiti. I got a phone call from her on wednesday morning she was crying and she explained to me that she has family in Haiti, and she couldn't get in contact with any of them because the whole place is destroyed. Her sister lives in the heart of where the earthquake happened, at this point Margaret has talked to her niece, which she got injured from stuff falling on her, but she still hasn't heard from her sister. She is so sad, she thinks that her sister is dead, and all that I can do is pray for her so that she may be comforted as all of this is going on in her life. It seems that whenever something happens in the world I end up talking to someone that is effected in their life. It is so sad, but here in New York City there are people from everywhere in the world. I just hope that Margaret can hold strong and not let this effect her special spirit that she has about her. So I ask that you all can pray for those people in Haiti, because someone that I really care about has been effected from this enormous tragedy. John got baptized and I got to baptize him, It really was such a special experience for me to stand there in the water with him and lower him down and lift him up out of the water for him to be pronounced clean from sin. He has a new life ahead of him. A lot of people in the ward think that he is going to be an awesome church member and a great priesthood holder. I am so excited for him to be willing to take upon him the name of Christ and intends to obey all of his commandments. Well I am sorry but I really cant write anymore this is pretty bad with these kids screaming and it will be best if I just leave so that I can have the Spirit to be with me. I love you all.

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