Wednesday, February 10, 2010

his weeks update really is going to be a small one. I don’t have a lot of time and not that much happened this week. We spent a lot of time working hard and trying to find people to teach, but not much success. It is ok though sometimes the work isn’t always easy. I also have been trying my best and so that makes it easier knowing that I did my best. Others just exercised their agency poorly and chose not to accept the message that we had to share with them. I do know that I am planting small little seeds in their hearts so that maybe next time they will listen more.
So we are teaching someone that is doing awesome though and she is going to be baptized in the near future for sure. It is Karina, I think that I talked to you all about her last week about how her husband is a member. She accepted to take to missionary lessons and we are so proud of her. She said that she would pray to know if what we are teaching her is true. It was awesome so we taught her the restoration this past week and the Spirit was so strong in her home. After the lesson her little son said that he felt the Spirit. Also her Husband testified of Joseph Smith and the restoration of the gospel. I am so excited to see what happens for this family in the future. She has a fear to pray, she has a desire to know if what we are teaching her is true, but if she receives the answer that it is true (which she will) then she knows that there is a great sacrifice that comes from that. She comes from a strong catholic family from Peru. So it is hard for her to accept it. We have planned a good lesson for her this week and she seemed excited to meet with us this upcoming week.
This week Mark Packer my “Pa” from trek is in town, but we are encouraged not to visit people that we know back from home. So I hope that you can read this Kris and understand that I just want to be obedient with exactness and that is the only thing that I can stand by is my obedience and my willingness to do this work Gods way and not mine. I don’t know why it is a rule, but I want to see him so badly, but my desire to do what is right is much stronger. I don’t know what blessings will come from this, maybe none will, but in the end I can say that I did my best by being obedient with exactness. Also something that I can truly say is that by being obedient, it makes this work so much more fun, because you have the Spirit with you a lot more than if you weren’t obedient. I am dedicating these 2 years to God and serving him, so this is what I need to do.
Also next week I might not be sending out a weekly update, I guess it is Presidents day or something like that, so the library will be closed and I would have to go to an internet lounge full of a bunch of distractions with kids screaming and swearing. It would take away from me giving a spiritual weekly update. I love all of you and this is all that I have to report for this week. Love Ya’ll!

Elder Doyle

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