Monday, February 28, 2011

Weekly Update 2-28-11

     Ok so today I really dont have much time at all so I have to hurry as fast as I can. Bro, I am with you on that one I absolutely love the Haitian food. It is amazing, and I hope that one day you all can have the opportunity to try it sometime, it is my favorite.  This week has been great for us. We are still working on building a stronger teaching pool. It has been a little rough, when we came into the area there wasnt much going so this transfer has been a time of building the teaching pool and getting in with the members. So yeah... We have one person  that is close to being baptized her name is Rikyna, she is a young lady who is a daughter of a member, she is 11 years old. So we are hoping that we can get her baptized in this next little bit. She is great, but her mom is the hold back right now, so we have switched our focus over to working with the mom better. 
     So this weekend we are going to have Neil L. Anderson come and speak to us, we are so excited. I know that he will give us powerful words of counsel that will be heaven sent. I love this, we are also going to be hearing from Elder Rasband President of the Seventy. Well I really have to go now I know this kinda stinks a bit, but I have to go. I love you all so much! 

Elder JD Doyle 

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