Monday, February 21, 2011

Weekly Update 02-21-11

    Hello everyone... Wow, I know that you have heard this a lot from me, but wow time flies when you are doing the Lords work. I am so happy right now, I truly am. I know that I am a new man, and a different person. This great change is still occurring within myself, and I am amazed to have recognized all of the weaknesses that I once had before I came out on my mission and now amazed to see how I have been able to overcome these weaknesses, yet I know that I still have weaknesses and I am imperfect, but I am still working on them, and praying for the faith to overcome them.
    I had a great week, but I do feel that we are still struggling a bit with getting in with the members, us being the newer guys in the ward, no one really knows us. We are doing a great job with working with a few members. Like the axillary leaders as well as the Bishopric. So that is a good sign for us. Bishop Urbanowski is such an amazing guy he is from Germany. He has been a bishop for the last 6 years and before that he was a branch president, he is funny he said that it is the same calling with a different name. He came here on a boat in which he built when he was in Germany and he sailed it across the waters here to America. He talked to us about his family history work and he and he has gone all of the way back to Adam and Eve, He finished his family history it is amazing how he found all of this information. Now I am interested in family history work, and I know that my sister has been doing a great job on it.
    This next week we are going to have Neil A. Anderson of the Quorum of the twelve apostles come speak to our mission. We are all so excited to hear from him. It is going to be so great. It is such a privilege. Well I am seriously about out of time and I have to get going now. We are going to get ready and get some stuff done. I love the Caribbean people here the food is great, it is ghetto, but not near as ghetto of where I once was in Brooklyn. Well I have to end this now. I have to go. Love you all!

Elder JD Doyle

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