Monday, February 14, 2011

Weekly Update 02-14-11

     Happy Valentines Day everyone, well since I cant have a Valentine out here on my mission, I just want you to all know and feel the love that I have for each of you my heart goes out to all of you as we are all continuing to grow throughout our lives and wherever we find ourselves. This weeks weekly update is going to be a short one. As you can see it is past my time to be e-mailing, and my P-day is over, but I am here with President Nelson and he wants me to e-mail my family because today was a busy day for us. 
     The highlight of this week was on Monday night I got a phone call from Bob Tut telling me that he just got done meeting with President Nelson and that he is going to be baptized on Sunday and that I have to come to his baptism. So yep, I sure enough was able to show up to his baptism yesterday and give him a big hug. I know that I am going to stay in contact with him throughout my life. I love that man so much, he has such a powerful spirituality about him. I know that he is going to bring a lot of others to the truth and knowledge of the restored gospel one day. 
     This week we had a "zone street sweep" it is when we get our whole zone together and set up a table with free DVD's and Books on the busy road of Jamaica Ave. We get there contact information and bring them the item that they request and try to share the restored gospel with them. Rony is a guy that I talked to from Haiti, he showed up to church yesterday, his family lives in Florida and they are Haitian, So I might have a referral for you BRO. He is a great guy we gave him a French Book of Mormon. We are meeting with him on Friday. Well we have to get going now I am sorry I wish I had more time. I have to go now BYE!!!  


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