Monday, October 12, 2009

This week is going to be a short weekly update. I dont have much time left on the computer. This week was kind of a crazy week in the city. I have been thinking so much and it is so sad that Satan has so much control over the hearts of the people. I am so sad to see that. It really hurts as a missionary to see that. So Margaret is still Golden she is getting baptized on the 24th for sure! I am so happy for her. So now Djly is kinda sliding out of our teaching pool, but now his mom has a baptismal date for November 8th. She is such a sweet lady. I hope it all works out for her. She really wants her son to be like us. Djly just isnt keeping the commitments that we leave him he doesnt read or pray about the Book of Mormon. Without reading and praying no one can know the truth of it. We live in such an evil world with weak people. God needs his Sons and Daughters that know the truth to constantly be living the principals and teachings found in the gospel and to not yield to temptaition. Satan is good at what he does but people need to realize that they are so much stronger than he is. So on saturday my companion and I were walkin down the street and there were cops flying down the street there were probably about 12 cop cars with undercover cops too. We noticed that they were all at the Projects where we have been teaching a lot of people about the gospel. We spend a lot of time there. So we jumped on the bus, my compainion and I both decided to not go see what was going on. So we just went back to the pad for lunch. Later that night we had a few appointments with some people that lived in those same projects. Margaret came with us to go teach Djly's mom Miriam. After we were done teaching her we had another appointment across the hall with Djly's neighbor Patricia, they live across the hall from eachother on the same floor. We told Margaret that she didnt have to come with us to this next Appt. So she decided to go back to her house. We told her that we could walk her back. She told us that she didnt want us to walk her back and that she was fine. So we just let her go. We got a phone call from her about 2 minutes later and she said that there was a shooting just outside of the building we were in. There were 4 shots and someone got shot. We talked to someone and I guess someone got the cops called on them earlier that day, which was when we saw all of those cops earlier in the day. So later that night someone got killed because of them calling the cops. Life is crazy here. I heard that I am in the poorest city in the USA Long Island City "Queens" I am not sure if that is true? so if someone wants to do the research and let me know that would be great. Other than that it was a pretty good week this week. We just need to find more investigators and people to teach. Our other 2 pad mates have been in the mission field for over 1 year and they said that me and my companion have produced the best numbers that they have heard their whole mission. We taught about 27 lessons this week with 7 New investigators. So I guess that is a good week. We have been working hard every day doing all that we can. Something that I am working on is praying with more energy of heart each time I pray. It makes my prayers so much more powerful, when I do that I feel that it communicates to our Father in Heaven the desire that I have to recieve direction to become a better missionarry, but also a better person so that I can be able to fulfill the purpose here in life that God has sent me here to do. I love you all and I hope everything is going great. I love New York it can just get crazy at times and Satan is has a lot of control over the hearts of the people here, but that is why I am here is to save some of these people from the pits of Satan.

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